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Salesfire & Tic Watches

Exploring the power of site search and AI technology


increase in average order value from Instant Search


increase in conversions from Instant Search


of interactions with Instant Search resulted in a sale


Return on Investment through Instant Search

Introducing, Tic Watches

Tic Watches is a family run UK business which has been selling designer watches through their site since it launched in 2007. As official stockists of major brands such as Armani, Barbour, Casio, Michael Kors and Seiko (to name a few) their product range is constantly evolving alongside an ever growing online market. Tic Watches pride themselves in offering industry best service and have developed their business into a successful stockist of the most on trend watches across the UK and the rest of the world. Salesfire have a long standing relationship with Tic Watches and have worked to become an integral part of their eCommerce strategy for the past few years. With on-site user experience at the forefront of their marketing strategy, Tic Watches were eager to see the benefits of Salesfire’s personalisation.

Increasing AOV with a personalised site search experience pride themselves in delivering a seamless user experience, alongside a clean cut, easy to use site, which was taken into consideration when implementing Salesfire’s CRO solutions. Salesfire’s Site Search was effortlessly integrated into Tic Watches site, enabling them to gain optimum results from website visitors wanting to find specific products. Salesfire’s Site Search uses machine learning to optimise the results returned for shoppers. The product generated strong results for Tic Watches from the outset, showing an uplift of 24.4% in overall conversions.

Utilising Animated Placeholder Text

With Site Search running on their site, Tic Watches wanted to make the most of the technology available and make their AI bolstered search bar more prominent. By implementing animated placeholder text in the search bar, a series of messages appears in the search bar automatically, as though someone else is typing. It has been found that this small attention to detail can draw in the customers attention and make them more likely to engage in the possibilities of searching for products. Along with increasing their conversion rate and encouraging more customer engagement, Tic Watches wanted to increase their average order value. To ensure a customer can browse the site with ease and complete a successful purchase, it is imperative they can find what they are looking for with as little effort as possible. It has been found that shoppers are 2.5 times more likely to purchase through a site search interaction and factoring in the influence of our intelligent search solution, Tic Watches saw a 61% increase in AOV compared to purchases with no search interaction.

Retargeting customers with personalised products

Alongside Salesfire Site Search, Tic Watches utilised our Product Recommendations feature in their retargeting emails, to encourage customers to complete their order and increase the potential of matching the customer with their perfect product. Tic Watches used Salesfire’s machine learning to follow up visitor browsing sessions with emails promoting products. This produced an incredible 22.7% increase in average order value, with 13.19% of clicks resulting in an order.

Maximising Conversions

Tic Watches wanted to explore the possibilities of Salesfire’s Machine Learning, focussing on their customers’ buying behaviour and the promotion of relevant products, personalised to that specific user. By leveraging this technology both on-site and through email retargeting, Tic Watches saw a 317:1 return on investment, with 39% of their overall monthly revenue being influenced by Salesfire.

“Site Search is an essential tool when it comes to maximising our revenue, so we didn’t want to compromise. Salesfire’s Site Search offers our customers more choice, personalised suggestions along with immediate results, and we have seen a massive return on investment from the product.”


Salesfire & 304 Clothing

Increasing Average Order Value whilst enhancing the customer journey


increase in sales


Return on Investment


were influenced to re-enter the sales pipeline


orders influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, 304 Clothing

304 Clothing is a UK based brand which takes influence from American streetwear and British Heritage to create an unmistakable line of clothing. The brand has evolved, going from a small side business, to a successful eCommerce company. 304 Clothing offer a range of men’s and women’s streetwear, focussing on wardrobe staples along with on trend products, making them a versatile lifestyle brand.

304 Clothing came to Salesfire with a great, established website and a goal of increasing their conversion rate. They were noticing people abandoning their basket at the checkout pages and wanted to prevent this from happening and create a lasting solution.

Implementing Salesfire

Salesfire’s enhanced the communication with 304 Clothing customers, creating a purposeful journey on site, improving the chances of a successful purchase. Salesfire’s behavioural overlays are used to inspire customers to continue their journey and increase their average basket value.

304 Clothing’s goals were to re engage customers and increase their average order value. Salesfire established behavioural overlays on their basket and checkout pages, offering a promotion if someone showed intent to exit. These overlays influenced 18% of 304 Clothing’s orders, a huge increase from such a simple solution.

Increasing AOV

Focusing on ‘Free Delivery’ over a certain value incentive, Salesfire were able to implement conditions based on the dynamic basket value. These conditions instigate overlays, encouraging customers to make up their order to the free delivery threshold, adding more items to their basket, and increasing the average order value.

304 Clothing also wanted to increase their email subscriber database and social following. An overlay was implemented, offering an incentive for customers to sign up to the newsletter.

"Overlays bring clarity to our website, helping to increase average order value & reduce basket abandonment. We have seen unbelievable ROI & received expert advice from our Salesfire account manager."


Salesfire & Eternal Collection

Building on traditional marketing by creating bespoke customer journeys


Return on Investment


of orders were influenced by Salesfire


increase in sales


were influenced back into the sales pipeline

Introducing, Eternal Collection

Established in 2007, Eternal Collection has firmly entrenched itself as one of the UK’s premier retailers when it comes to costume jewellery and complementary accessories. Whether its a necklace, brooch, bracelet or bookmark - the undeniable style that runs throughout the entirety of Eternal Collection has helped to cultivate a fiercely loyal customer base and a forward thinking approach when mixing digital and traditional marketing strategy. Owned and run by a husband and wife team, Paul and Pauline Buttress, over two thirds of the jewellery is designed and created in-house, with carefully sourced complementary products sourced internationally. With a diligent focus on customer experience from top to bottom, Eternal Collection were keen to see how Salesfire could play a role in helping to create bespoke journeys from homepage to basket for their customers. Salesfire worked closely with Eternal Collection to ensure implementation of a thoughtful strategy, whilst maintaining the onwards momentum of their existing marketing strategies - both digital and traditional.

Implementing Salesfire

Due to traditional marketing techniques like catalogue circulation playing a big part in the growth of Eternal Collection, we had to be very careful when implementing strategy to ensure strategies weren’t overlapping and obfuscating any current messaging. This also played a big part in informing EC’s decision against using promotion codes at the outset. By social proofing exit intent on the checkout, intelligently shepherding traffic through to catalogue sign up pages, increasing their average order values across the site and long- term optimisation of strategy across the board to maximise return on investment.

Understanding and enhancing current channels

When looking at strategy for Eternal Collection and our implementation of overlays, there were a number of core tenets to the current business setup that Salesfire would need to bear in mind. One of the key areas EC were interested in pushing traffic to was their catalogue sign up page. Currently, a large portion of their customer base rely on the receipt of these to inform their purchase decisions. By implementing Behavioural Overlays, we’re now reinjecting customers back into their pipeline by increasing the amount of brochures being sent and enquiries logged. By pulling focus on this alongside other previously outlined strategies, the system helped increase direct sales through the site by 5%.

Return on Investment

Eternal Collection weren’t keen on offering any promotional codes without thinking it through clearly and having a solid business case for usage. In order to really make the most out of the system, it was imperative that this was taken into account. Using a mix of triggers and conditions, we put together a bespoke campaign for EC - utilising exit intent, our system is intelligently making a distinction between new and returning customers. By offering a 5% promotion code to new customers only, we’re ensuring that we’re only offering margin with the long term goal of turning it into repeat business, resulting in Salesfire influencing 7% of all orders ran through the site. We’ve seen great success with our campaigns so far, so much so that Salesfire is currently running on-site at a 51:1 return on investment, the growth of which shows no signs of slowing down.

“By utilising Salesfire’s systems intelligently we’ve been able to ensure that we’re maximising our ROI without interrupting our current setup. By amplifying our current conversion rate and the circulation of our marketing material, we’re seeing great improvements on a number of fronts.”


Salesfire & Excell Sports

Increasing AOV in the sporting industry


Return on Investment


of interactions resulted in a sale


increase in sales


orders were influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, Excell Sports

Excell Sports is a Scotland based sporting retailer, selling apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment from the world’s leading sports brands including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more. The company pride themselves in offering a wide selection of clothing, footwear and equipment for the fitness and leisure sectors. Excell Sports work closely with their suppliers in order to continuously offer new and exciting products for people of all ages. With the company’s online presence going from strength to strength, we worked with Excell Sports to improve their on-site conversion rate, through engaging strategies and behavioural techniques.

Implementing Salesfire

Excell Sports worked with Salesfire to compose a strategy to influence customer behaviour and encourage more conversions. They saw huge potential in the customers who were abandoning their site at pinnacle points in the buying journey and set a goal to deter these customers from leaving if they had already shown interest.

Influencing Buyer Behaviour

Salesfire implemented exit intent behavioural overlays to reduce basket abandonment rates on Excell Sports’ website, along with creating a fluid customer journey. Showing an overlay when a user goes to leave the website, displaying relevant information, entices customers to think twice about leaving the site and continue through the purchasing funnel. Salesfire technology influenced 20% more customers into the sales pipeline.

Increasing AOV

Excell Sports utilised our exit intent technology to increase their average order value, by promoting free delivery over £65 when a user had filled their basket to a certain amount. This is used to generate a ‘why not’ attitude in the shopper as they browse, highlighting the free delivery threshold and encouraging them to add more to their basket. As a result of these overlays, Salesfire technology increased overall sales on Excell Sports site by 19.4%. The strategy we employed for Excell Sports was well received by their customers, and we saw that Salesfire influenced 26.9% of their orders since adding the technology to their site.

“Salesfire offers an all round solution to increasing our site’s conversion rates. Each one of their products add another dimension to our customer’s shopping experience, which ultimately makes it more likely that they will purchase.”


Salesfire & Ash Footwear

Enhancing subscriber lists with a strategy that works with the customer's behaviour


Increase in sales


Return on Investment


were influence to re-enter the sales pipeline


Salesfire influenced orders

Introducing, Ash Footwear

Ash Footwear is an independent, rebellious brand, founded in 2000 by Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier. The brand is inspired by the world around us, with the love of music, travel and adventure at the heart of the designs. Ash collections represent the exotic new horizons, resulting in a unique look which is bohemian, glamorous and effortless.

With the growth of the brand, both in store and online, Ash Footwear wanted to explore new ways to strengthen their ecommerce strategy and increase their conversion rates, so introduced Salesfire’s technology to enhance their site.

Implementing Salesfire

Salesfire worked with Ash Footwear to strengthen their on site customer journey, with a focus on increasing average order value. The company were keen to see how much ROI they could achieve with Salesfire. By placing behavioural overlays at key moments, Ash Footwear have seen an impressive ROI of 99:1.

Ash Footwear noticed that customers were frequently placing orders under the free delivery threshold. To incentivise customers to purchase more. Instead of offering a promotion, we simply displayed the free delivery threshold on an overlay, influencing customers to make up their basket to qualify.

Enhancing Subscriber Lists

Ash Footwear wanted to obtain the long term benefits of Salesfire’s overlay system, so we suggested employing strategies to build up their email subscriber list. Activating an overlay after a visitor has looked around a few pages of the site, prompting them to give an email address, is the best way to encourage sign ups. Ash Footwear saw an increase in numbers and quality of email subscribers, enhancing their overall email marketing strategy. Overall, Salesfire influenced 5.4% of orders on Ash Footwear’s site.

"We have seen an astonishing return on investment from using Salesfire. Great product and the level of customer service we receive is second to none."


Salesfire & The Tonic Tribe

A customer-centric focus on driving revenue and building an email marketing channel.


Increase in sales


Return on Investment


Were influenced by Salesfire to re-enter the sales pipeline


of interactions resulted in a sale

Introducing, The Tonic Tribe

The Tonic Tribe was originally established as a brick and mortar store. Born out of the sincere belief in the unique qualities of the product, a lack of quality product in the current marketplace and ultimately an unflinching desire to help others, the brand saw an explosion of growth. Founders of The Tonic, Kate Henderson and Michelle Oxley decided the time was right to strike out - and their industry leading eCommerce store, The Tonic Tribe was born.

Due to the nature of the product and the current restrictions it brings in terms of paid search options, The Tonic Tribe worked alongside Salesfire to create a strategy that would ensure the system would make the most of any traffic brought to the site, in an organic and non-intrusive way.

Implementing Salesfire

Ensuring that we were respectful and informed by the current lifestyle imagery of the brand, The Tonic Tribe worked alongside Salesfire to utilise the system in helping with customer retention, accelerating the expansion of their email marketing and encouraging new customers. The Tonic Tribe had noted the importance of their welcome offer to new customers, and agreed that capitalising on this would be beneficial to their overall goal of increasing the amount of revenue coming through the site. By implementing a welcome overlay, restricted to new customers to the site, Salesfire helped influence a 34% increase in sales.

Maximising Conversions

The Tonic Tribe were keen to ensure any strategy was in-keeping with the tone and style of the site. Salesfire managed this by precisely utilising our range of tools, with a focus on our Title Highlight Trigger. This trigger allows us to present an overlay upon detection of a visitor copying key information from a page - a key indicator of price comparison and the increase in bounce rate that generally follows. As a result, 16% of interactions with overlays resulted in a sale as well as a healthy reduction in drop offs at this stage of the funnel.

"The strategy Salesfire have put in place has helped us ensure that we’re giving visitors every excuse to stay and purchase. We’re presenting our brand in the best possible light."


Salesfire & Lifestyle Fitness

Utilising conversion tools to encourage sign ups and boost memberships

Introducing, Lifestyle Fitness

Every single one of Lifestyle Fitness clubs offer the most contemporary gym equipment, Personal Training and classes, for a purposefully competitive price. Their great facilities are designed to help customers achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Lifestyle’s friendly, personal approach and the ability to join online makes fitness club membership a really easy and positive commitment, to be sure customers will want to return again and again. That is one of their key objectives.

The Solution

Lifestyle Fitness needed a way to assist visitors to their website with a more personal and up front approach. Their aim was to give customers confidence in the brand, teach them more about the gyms and what’s on offer, and ultimately, get them to sign up to a gym membership online. They introduced overlays to create more prominence with their joining campaigns, offering customers not only value for money, but an easy and convenient way to join the gym. The overlay campaigns implemented increased website retention greatly, making the most of the traffic they were receiving, encouraging customers to learn more about Lifestyle Fitness and what they have to offer. The company saw an increase in membership sales, as well as receiving impressive ROI from the Salesfire product, making it fantastic value for money.

Implemented Strategy

Lifestyle Fitness implemented Salesfire’s exit intent overlays to enhance their joining campaigns and encourage a higher conversion rate on gym memberships. This worked to capture customers before they left the site and offered them a reason to stay. Not only did they see an increase in their membership conversions, but the overlays encouraged users to remain on the site and complete a more meaningful journey with the brand. Lifestyle Fitness have also utilised overlays to encourage customers to sign up to their newsletter, increasing their marketing database to allow them to re-engage in the future with further offers and incentives to encourage membership sign up.

“Through working with Salesfire’s experienced account managers, we have gained a greater understanding and knowledge of our customers. This has allowed us to optimise the customer experience, persuading more to complete their buying journey with us and drive an increase in conversion rates.”


Salesfire & Gardeners Dream

Engaging customers and building company value with exit intent campaigns


of interactions with Salesfire campaigns resulted in a sale


were influenced by Salesfire to re-enter the sales pipeline


Return on Investment


of orders are influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, Gardeners Dream

Established in 2009, Gardeners Dream has grown to be one of the leading Garden product retailers online. With over 42 years’ experience in the horticulture industry, Gardeners Dream was born from the desire to provide a complete online gardening experience to customers throughout the UK.

The Solution

Salesfire overlays are used to inspire Gardeners Dream customers to continue their journey, build rapport with online gardening and increase their average basket value, with the use of behavioural triggers and clever exit intent campaigns. This communication enhancement has improved the customer journey for these users, not only retaining them to continue to a purposeful journey on the site, but meaning they will much more likely return to make further purchases in the future. Gardeners Dream saw fantastic results soon after implementing Salesfire’s overlays to their site, and have received an unbelievable ROI since launching these.

Implemented Strategy

Implementing campaigns offering promotions, has not only encouraged Gardeners Dream customers to continue to checkout, but also increased the average order value. Our overlays have also made online sales more noticeable for customers, encouraging customers to browse and add sale items to their order. Gardeners Dream has created a favourable customer journey, building good relationships, value and trust with their customers.

“It wasn’t apparent how much basket abandonment was impacting us until implementing Salesfire and applying overlays to the site. Salesfire has not only increased our conversion rates and revenue, but has also enhanced our customers journey and experience of online gardening.”


Salesfire & Blueberries

Implementing exit intent behavioural overlays into Blueberries' marketing strategy


of interactions with Salesfire campaigns resulted in a sale


were influenced by Salesfire to re-enter the sales pipeline


Return on Investment


of orders were influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, Blueberries

Blueberries has evolved over 30 years, bringing exclusive designer clothing, accessories and footwear brands to the people of Blackpool. For the last 10 years their website has catered for people all over the globe, including the UK, Europe, Northern America and many other International destinations. Blueberries are dedicated to delivering a unique customer shopping experience, both in store and online.

The Solution

Blueberries implemented Salesfire technology to make the most of their website traffic and improve conversion rates through the site. Blueberries aim was to grow their revenue and enhance the customer journey on their site by using overlays to appear at different stages, with different triggers. We came up with an overlay strategy to keep visitors engaged and incentivise them in the direction of purchasing. Salesfire overlays allow Blueberries to communicate with customers throughout their journey on the site, giving them useful information and guiding them towards the basket and checkout. By utilising exit intent, along with other recommended overlays, Blueberries were able to generate conversions from customers who were about to leave and also gather email data to enhance their email marketing.

Implemented Strategy

The overlays we implemented on the Blueberries website make use of our exit intent trigger by offering a discount as a customer is about to leave, as a way of getting a customer to complete their purchase and ultimately, increase overall conversions. Blueberries wanted to get the most out of the Salesfire system and promote all channels of their marketing strategy, so we also added a newsletter sign-up overlay to encourage people to enter their data and a social following overlay to increase their communication on other platforms. Blueberries saw results soon after adding our overlays to their site and have received a strong ROI from using Salesfire.

“Salesfire’s overlays have given us an opportunity to convert customers who would have otherwise strayed from our website to continue to make a successful purchase. We have increased our revenue and have seen a fantastic return on investment for the product and service we receive”


Salesfire & Only Home

Strategising perfectly timed overlays for an impressive uplift in conversions


of interactions with Salesfire campaigns resulted in a sale


were influenced by Salesfire to re-enter the sales pipeline


Return on Investment


of orders are influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, Only Home is an easy to use, intuitive and curated way to discover everything you need to make every space perfect in your home. Only Home is a furniture retailer that supply amazing products to suit every possible style and taste, from contemporary and modern furniture to more traditional cosy styles and blends of both.

Only Home worked with Salesfire to come up with a strategy to make the most of the traffic visiting their website, enhance their customer journey and improve their conversion rates by enticing more customers towards completing the checkout process. Not only did this improve conversions and sales but drove an increase in the average order value.

The Solution

The overlays we have implemented with allow their website to have a conversation with the customer throughout their time on the website and guide them in the right direction, continually re-engaging and leading them to complete a meaningful journey. Utilising the exit intent technology, they were able to catch customers leaving the site and also influence them to continue to complete the checkout process.

Implemented Strategy

We implemented a number of overlay strategies on to drive engagement. The first is exit intent at the basket and check out, which captures the customers abandoning their shopping basket with an incentive to re-engage and give them a reason to continue to complete their purchase. We also utilised overlays to encourage customers to sign up to the newsletter and increase their database for email marketing. We also implemented an overlay post-checkout to lead customers to like/follow on their social platforms, increasing their social audience.

"Our return on investment from Salesfire speaks for itself. A simple marketing tool with an impressive outcome and conversion rate, steering our customers to complete checkout."


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