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Building on traditional marketing by creating bespoke customer journeys


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Introducing, Eternal Collection

Established in 2007, Eternal Collection has firmly entrenched itself as one of the UK’s premier retailers when it comes to costume jewellery and complementary accessories. Whether its a necklace, brooch, bracelet or bookmark - the undeniable style that runs throughout the entirety of Eternal Collection has helped to cultivate a fiercely loyal customer base and a forward thinking approach when mixing digital and traditional marketing strategy. Owned and run by a husband and wife team, Paul and Pauline Buttress, over two thirds of the jewellery is designed and created in-house, with carefully sourced complementary products sourced internationally. With a diligent focus on customer experience from top to bottom, Eternal Collection were keen to see how Salesfire could play a role in helping to create bespoke journeys from homepage to basket for their customers. Salesfire worked closely with Eternal Collection to ensure implementation of a thoughtful strategy, whilst maintaining the onwards momentum of their existing marketing strategies - both digital and traditional.

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Implementing Salesfire

Due to traditional marketing techniques like catalogue circulation playing a big part in the growth of Eternal Collection, we had to be very careful when implementing strategy to ensure strategies weren’t overlapping and obfuscating any current messaging. This also played a big part in informing EC’s decision against using promotion codes at the outset. By social proofing exit intent on the checkout, intelligently shepherding traffic through to catalogue sign up pages, increasing their average order values across the site and long- term optimisation of strategy across the board to maximise return on investment.


Understanding and enhancing current channels

When looking at strategy for Eternal Collection and our implementation of Overlays, there were a number of core tenets to the current business setup that Salesfire would need to bear in mind. One of the key areas EC were interested in pushing traffic to was their catalogue sign up page. Currently, a large portion of their customer base rely on the receipt of these to inform their purchase decisions. By implementing Behavioural Overlays, we’re now reinjecting customers back into their pipeline by increasing the amount of brochures being sent and enquiries logged. By pulling focus on this alongside other previously outlined strategies, the system helped increase direct sales through the site by 5%.


Return on Investment

Eternal Collection weren’t keen on offering any promotional codes without thinking it through clearly and having a solid business case for usage. In order to really make the most out of the system, it was imperative that this was taken into account. Using a mix of triggers and conditions, we put together a bespoke campaign for EC - utilising exit intent, our system is intelligently making a distinction between new and returning customers. By offering a 5% promotion code to new customers only, we’re ensuring that we’re only offering margin with the long term goal of turning it into repeat business, resulting in Salesfire influencing 7% of all orders ran through the site. We’ve seen great success with our campaigns so far, so much so that Salesfire is currently running on-site at a 51:1 return on investment, the growth of which shows no signs of slowing down.


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“By utilising Salesfire’s systems intelligently we’ve been able to ensure that we’re maximising our ROI without interrupting our current setup. By amplifying our current conversion rate and the circulation of our marketing material, we’re seeing great improvements on a number of fronts.”