Salesfire & Ash Footwear

Enhancing subscriber lists with a strategy that works with the customer's behaviour


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Introducing, Ash Footwear

Ash Footwear is an independent, rebellious brand, founded in 2000 by Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier. The brand is inspired by the world around us, with the love of music, travel and adventure at the heart of the designs. Ash collections represent the exotic new horizons, resulting in a unique look that is bohemian, glamorous and effortless.


With the growth of the brand, both in-store and online, Ash Footwear wanted to explore new ways to strengthen their eCommerce strategy and increase their conversion rates, so introduced Salesfire’s technology to enhance their site.

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Implementing Salesfire

Salesfire worked with Ash Footwear to strengthen their on-site customer journey, with a focus on increasing average order value. The company were keen to see how much ROI they could achieve with Salesfire. By placing behavioural Overlays at key moments, Ash Footwear have seen an impressive ROI of 99:1.


Ash Footwear noticed that customers were frequently placing orders under the free delivery threshold. To incentivise customers to purchase more. Instead of offering a promotion, we simply displayed the free delivery threshold on an Overlay, influencing customers to make up their basket to qualify.

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Enhancing Subscriber Lists

Ash Footwear wanted to obtain the long term benefits of Salesfire’s Overlay system, so we suggested employing strategies to build up their email subscriber list. Activating an Overlay after a visitor has looked around a few pages of the site, prompting them to give an email address, is the best way to encourage sign-ups. Ash Footwear saw an increase in numbers and quality of email subscribers, enhancing their overall email marketing strategy. Overall, Salesfire influenced 5.4% of orders on Ash Footwear’s site.

"We have seen an astonishing return on investment from using Salesfire. Great product and the level of customer service we receive is second to none."