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Introducing, Stuarts London

Stuarts London is a prominent eCommerce fashion retailer and ‘Winner of Best Independent Store in the UK’, awarded by the prestigious fashion forum, Drapers.


With over 150 brands available offering a variety of clothing, lifestyle wear, accessories and footwear, the authenticated retailer operates in the ever-evolving fashion industry and is dedicated to providing a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

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The solution

Facing the challenge of maximising customer engagement and expanding its customer base, Stuarts London collaborated with Salesfire. The focal point of this was Salesfire's data capture campaign, strategically designed to capture valuable customer information, including email and SMS data.


The implementation of Salesfire's data capture campaign yielded a significant impact in results for Stuarts London, with a 159% uplift in email sign-ups as demonstrated in the graph.


By successfully capturing more data, Stuarts London gained deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviours and provided additional marketing channels for targeting efforts. This valuable information empowered the company to tailor its marketing strategies and product offerings to better align with customer expectations.

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“We now have added confidence that our online presence can help grow our customer base beyond our London home.”


Ravi Grewal, Owner of Stuarts London

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