Salesfire & LD Mountain Centre

Enhancing user engagement, retargeting lost revenue and growing conversion rate.


Increase in

conversion rate


Salesfire’s total impact

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Introducing, LD Mountain Centre

LD Mountain Centre is a leading independent retailer in its field and has been equipping customers who love the outdoors with an extensive range of products for over 50 years.  Being one of the first shops in the UK that dedicated itself to the needs of the adventurous, it quickly became established as the most professional outdoor specialist nationwide.


The challenge

LD Mountain Centre joined forces with Salesfire in 2021 to revolutionise its online conversion strategy, enhance user engagement and recover lost revenue.


Being an organisation that is committed to providing its shoppers with a seamless and engaging online experience, LD Mountain Centre has successfully leveraged Salesfire’s comprehensive suite of solutions with exceptional results.


This case study explores the success of the implemented strategies and the transformative impact on the site.

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The solution

Overlays for promotions

Customised Overlays were strategically delivered throughout the customer journey to showcase promotions, data collection and key messaging. We also targeted specific traffic sources such as Google Shopping to showcase other products and prompt purchases for returning visitors. The Overlays have played a pivotal role in communicating seasonal offers and secondary information, prompting interaction and conversions.


Search, Visually Similar Search and Product Recommendations

Salesfire’s AI-powered Search has been seamlessly integrated into LD Mountain Centre’s Visualsoft eCommerce platform to provide shoppers with a highly efficient search experience. We implemented promotional material in Search by capitalising on the top trending searches and showing campaigns linked to LD Mountain Centre’s most sought-after brands to help enrich the purchasing process.


The site also boasts an added layer of product discovery through Salesfire’s Visually Similar Search, which allows customers to find items purely based on visual preference. Both features tie in with our intelligent Recommendations, which personalise the user journey and showcase relevant outdoor products and accessories, strategised through Most Popular, New In and Similar elements.

Retargeting customers through Email Sequences

Salesfire’s Email feature enables LD Mountain Centre to better identify customers who have abandoned their carts and deliver tailored email content and incentives to re-engage a user and inject them back on-site. LD Mountain Centre has utilised campaigns such as Browse Abandonment, Post-Purchase Recommendations and Re-engagement emails to retarget customers and inject them back into the sales funnel, contributing to revenue generation.

Managed Service: A collaborative partnership

LD Mountain Centre has also taken advantage of Salesfire’s additional level of account management, Managed Service, benefitting from further support and expertise by working closely with their Success Manager. This partnership has extended their online outcome and Salesfire is actively contributing to their strategic development and ongoing optimisation.

Strategic data capture

LD Mountain Centre had a focus on growing its customer base and implemented Salesfire technology to catapult their data capture strategy. Increasing the number of subscribers the company collected by 5.6x, Salesfire supported strategic data capture to collect valuable customer data whilst simultaneously supporting the user journey. Empowering the company to grow bigger email lists to later retarget and build the brand further.

LD Mountain Centre Graph

Results achieved

By utilising Salesfire’s solution, LD Mountain Centre has achieved significant results:


  • 6% increase in conversion rate
  • Salesfire’s total impact on revenue: 37%
  • 13% increase in AOV
  • 12.6% conversion rate uplift from Search
  • 7.6% Email conversion rate
  • 5.6x increase in data capture

The partnership between Salesfire and LD Mountain Centre stands as a testament to the transformative power of a comprehensive online conversion strategy. By leveraging the full solution alongside Managed Service, LD Mountain Centre has achieved remarkable results.

“We initially approached Salesfire looking to improve our on-site experience and grow our customer journey through improved user engagement and retention. On implementing the Salesfire platform, we saw an instant uplift in customer engagement, conversion rate and product revenue. As we’ve grown our relationship and added more campaigns to the platform, the impact has been as swift as our initial launch. We’ve explored new avenues with Email Sequences, Overlays and visual merchandising on the site that have brought an increase in revenue, average order value, and basket size, and have also helped us improve the engagement rate. Salesfire is now key in our current mix of marketing products.


Rich Duffy, eCommerce & Data Analysis Manager

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