Maximise your marketing reach with SMS

Send marketing messaging that stands out and nurture your customer relationships with targeted SMS. Deploy personalised messages based on a user’s on-site behaviours to re-engage them back in their buying journey.


Re-engage at scale

Your shoppers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. Reach your customers where they spend the most time by sending SMS directly to their phone, expanding marketing reach across channels and boosting ROI.

Multichannel user engagement

SMS works seamlessly with Salesfire’s Email Sequences, streamlining your multichannel strategy and empowering you to create seamless SMS and email flows in a few steps.

Capture more SMS subscribers

From the first click, we build a comprehensive profile of each user. Our data capture technology will catapult SMS data collection across your site by triggering at the perfect moment, empowering you to reach more of your audience.

Segment your audiences

Influence shoppers at different stages of the buying funnel with precision, use data to segment your audience lists and send hyper-personalised campaigns based on user behaviour.

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Engage customers with SMS

Take your re-engagement strategy to the next level. Re-engage your shoppers in their preferred channel with segmented, data-driven SMS messaging.

Basket SMS

Remind shoppers of their baskets

Remind your shoppers of the products they’ve left behind with a timely Abandoned Orders SMS alongside your email sequences, inspiring shoppers to re-visit their cart.


Recapture your browsers

Encourage shoppers who have been browsing on your site to return to take another look with the Browse and Search Abandonment campaign. Target them with SMS marketing alongside your email campaigns to expand your reach. 


Recover lost customers

Maximise the value of your customer data and send the shoppers you haven’t seen in a while a personalised SMS message directly to their phone with the Re-engagement Campaign.


Confirm voucher codes

Encourage shoppers who have shown exit intent to sign-up to your mailing list in return for an incentive. Use SMS marketing to confirm the code they’ve unlocked and encourage them to return to purchase.


Save a shopper's cart

Allow shoppers to save their basket to revisit at a later date. Send an SMS message reminding them they have products waiting for them, making it easy for them to pick up where they left off.


Maximise your marketing reach

Send SMS campaigns at scale to segmented lists of customers, amplifying your re-engagement strategy and maximising your reach.

Leader Doors drives conversions with SMS marketing

“Salesfire’s SMS marketing package seamlessly complements our existing email campaigns and automation strategies, resulting in a truly integrated and effective marketing approach.


Highly recommend their services to any business looking to elevate their marketing game."

Gary Murray

Chief Marketing Officer

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Let our eCommerce specialists show you around our SMS solution, and demonstrate how it can be used to connect with your customers.

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