Salesfire & International Dance Shoes

Boosting on-site engagement, enhancing product discovery and driving conversions.


Salesfire’s total

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Introducing, International Dance Shoes

International Dance Shoes is a leading manufacturer and retailer in the niche dance industry. Since first launching the family business in 1981, they’ve been handcrafting footwear for Ballroom & Latin American dancers in the UK and internationally for over 40 years.


Working with some of the world’s best dancers, they pride themselves on creating stylish, high quality and comfortable dance footwear.


The challenge

International Dance Shoes came to Salesfire looking to boost on-site engagement, enhance product discovery, and improve conversion rates.


As a brand offering a wide range of products and bespoke options, they understood the need to deploy solutions that would make their messaging clear, focusing on tailoring the buying journey to guide users towards the checkout.


International Dance Shoes sought a comprehensive solution to elevate multiple touchpoints on their site and saw an impressive uplift in conversions as a result.

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The solution

International Dance Shoes' eCommerce platform, BigCommerce, is a Salesfire partner. This collaboration helped facilitate the seamless integration of Salesfire solutions, making it quick and easy to get started with conversion-boosting tools. Our easy-to-deploy solutions have been designed to drive conversion rates from the moment they’re live on any eCommerce site with strategies that work for the evolving market.


Overlays to display key messaging

Salesfire introduced customised Overlays and bespoke messaging in Digital Assistant to deliver key information while capturing user attention with targeted promotions and secondary details. Quick on-site conversions were facilitated by strategically placing the Overlays within the customer journey, streamlining the user experience and encouraging immediate interaction.


AI-driven Search and Recommendations for further exploration

Utilising Salesfire’s Search, which seamlessly integrated into International Dance Shoes’ eCommerce platform BigCommerce, has enhanced on-site search functionality and resulted in a more efficient product discovery process. Improved search algorithms also contributed to a user-friendly experience, aligning with BigCommerce’s commitment to a streamlined eCommerce solution.


International Dance Shoes also uses Salesfire’s intelligent Recommendations to provide personalised experiences based on individual preferences and purchase history. Recommendations not only increase user engagement but also contribute significantly to upsells and cross-sells on the site.

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  • Salesfire’s total impact on revenue: 35%
  • 13% Increase in AOV
  • 16% conversion rate uplift from Recommendations:
  • 11.3% Search conversion rate:

The success that International Dance Shoes has had with Salesfire exemplifies the power of a comprehensive CRO strategy. By integrating our solutions, they increased engagement, enhanced product discovery and showcased a plethora of promotions leading to stronger interactions. The partnership between International Dance Shoes and Salesfire stands as a testament to the effectiveness of combining innovative technologies with a successful retailer and a robust eCommerce platform.

“Being a niche company with a small market, it’s always been extremely important to make the most out of every sales channel we have, so utilising Salesfire’s suite of eCommerce tools has been hugely beneficial for us over the past three years.


Connecting with Salesfire was so easy. The system is incredibly simple to use, and the analytics are very easy to read, especially if you are wanting to pinpoint key times of the year or compare YoY figures and promotions. Adding bespoke messaging or being able to tailor the Search and Digital Assistant tools to what we need to say in a matter of seconds makes light work of any on-site marketing, and a huge benefit is being able to see the results of how well each promotion has performed with only a couple of clicks.


I would highly recommend Salesfire to anyone who is looking to make the most out of every visitor they get to their website.”


Kathryn Spinks, Business Development Manager,
International Dance Shoes

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