Salesfire & Hotel Buyer

Increasing website conversion rate and improving retention through remarketing.


Increase in overall website conversions through Search


Increase in AOV from Overlays


Of revenue influenced by Recommendations


Conversion rate through Email Sequences

Introducing, Hotel Buyer

Hotel Buyer Store provides a comprehensive range of non-food products to the hotel industry.


Their online store offers a wide product range to suit all budgets across the industry, providing hotels and guesthouses the supplies they need for their business to thrive


The challenge

Hotel Buyer turned to Salesfire to improve its website conversion rate and to address challenges it faced with data collection for remarketing.


Given the frequent challenges within eCommerce of improving product discovery and increasing on-site engagement, Hotel Buyer understood the need for optimisation solutions to maximise conversions across their site. They sought to prioritise an email subscriber and data collection strategy to increase customer retention and expand retargeting capabilities.


With the help of Salesfire’s optimisation solutions, they’ve noted impressive results and catapulted the efficiency of their eCommerce site.

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The solution

Salesfire Search and Visually Similar Search to improve conversion rate

Hotel Buyer introduced Salesfire’s AI-powered Search to ease navigation and help its visitors quickly find the products they’re looking for. Working hand in hand with our Visually Similar Search tool, site visitors can easily find close matches to products of interest, making the product discovery process more efficient and accelerating Hotel Buyer’s users towards the checkout page.


Overlays to improve data collection and grow email subscriber base

Hotel Buyer was keen to increase the number of email subscribers they were collecting to enable them to maximise the value from their email marketing.

Salesfire’s Digital Assistant mailing list campaign offered the flexibility to show the campaign at the right time during the on-site user experience and stored the campaign for users to visit later in their journey if they didn’t sign up immediately, boosting the number of subscribers Hotel Buyer received.

Promote cross-selling and upselling through Recommendations

Salesfire’s Recommendations tool has saved the Hotel Buyer team time by automatically showing the most relevant products to users at different stages of the buyer journey. By using strategies such as Bought Together and Personalised, underpinned by AI technology, Hotel Buyer encourages users to add more to their baskets by capturing their attention with additional products.

Automated Email Sequences for remarketing

Before joining Salesfire, Hotel Buyer was not able to remarket to its site traffic. Through our Email Sequences tool, visitors are retargeted with personalised email content based on their on-site behaviour to encourage them to return to the site. The abandoned order email series aims to recover lost sales and Hotel Buyer encourages repeat purchases to build brand loyalty with post-purchase product recommendation emails.

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Results achieved


58.5% increase in AOV

41.87% increase in overall website conversion rate through Search

47% of revenue influenced through Search

Visually Similar Search

9.13% increase in overall website conversion rate through VSS 

26.5% increase in AOV


60% increase in AOV

9.4% of revenue influenced by Overlays


13% of revenue influence by Recommendations

43% increase in AOV

Email Sequences

6.4% overall conversion rate 

28% click-through rate

We have been working with Salesfire for a number of years. Their collection of tools has significantly improved conversions on our six B2B eCommerce websites. Another significant impact on our business has been an 80% reduction in the number of users calling in for assistance locating products on our sites, since the implementation of Salefire’s excellent on-site Search tool.  We now use our own website search to advise visitors about alternative products using the visual search facility in particular, reducing our dependence on stored knowledge of the vast product set. 


The tools are easy to use, but once we understood what was possible with their tools, handing our implementation and management over to Salesfire’s Managed Service has allowed us to maximise the benefits with virtually no drain on our internal resources.


I definitely recommend Salesfire to other B2B eCommerce businesses looking to improve conversion rates and improve the customer experience.


Jon Shepard, CEO, Hotel Buyer

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