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From the first click, Salesfire collects behavioural data to create a profile for each user. This data feeds into our suite of solutions to lead customers through the buying journey and retain them in your ecosystem to increase sales.

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On-Site Messaging

Using behavioural cues like Exit Intent we can trigger campaigns to encourage visitors to continue shopping and engaging with your website.

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Once we’ve captured more email subscribers we’ll deploy targeted emails based on their on-site behaviour to present further retargeting opportunities.


Send direct SMS messages to support your retargeting, growing one-to-one relationships, scaling your re-engagement campaigns and boosting sales.

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Our solutions harness data to generate revenue

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and customer data, Salesfire creates a comprehensive profile of every individual’s unique interests and shopping behaviours across multiple devices.


From the pages they view to the items they search for, we collect more data points from your shoppers to power your solutions. Delivering personalised customer experiences that re-engage users to improve conversion rates.

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Build customer profiles from real-time data

Search Behaviour
Identity Meshing
Data Capture
Purchasing Behaviour
Viewing behaviour
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One of our eCommerce experts will show you around the Salesfire suite and discuss how you can enhance your online experience.

Boost sales and increase revenue with tools from Salesfire. Turn website traffic into loyal customers.

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