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Salesfire provides intelligent Conversion Rate Optimisation products to influence the on-site customer journey and convert visitors into customers.

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Promote it with a Behavioural Overlay

With our range of Overlay triggers, we can work to prompt customers to complete an action. Behavioural Overlays are used to approach a customer based on their on-site behaviour with a timed incentive. They aim to either accelerate customers through the shopping process or simply navigate them to alternative sections of a site.

It’s great working with the Salesfire team. They’re very friendly and they’re always there to help us whenever we have any questions. They consistently come up with new ideas and recommendations to improve our eCommerce performance.

Fabio Cancemi Little Mistress

Email retargeting

Follow up with targeted Email

A visitor doesn’t have to convert to a customer - invite them to become part of the family. By engaging purchasers with retargeting emails, we can inject them right back into your sales funnel and create a valuable purchase cycle.

Salesfire’s affordable solution to on site personalisation has transformed our customer experience through search, product recommendations and overlays. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to their customer success team for always supporting us on new features and strategy. Thank you very much.

Gianni Casagrande Moda in Pelle


Product discovery Recommendations

Recommendations from the very first moment. The homepage is the perfect place for promoting key products or new arrivals to customers before they even begin their shopping journey.

Salesfire software is great, Account Manager very helpful. We have no hesitation in recommending Salesfire.

Maysell Lamb 195mph


Social proof

We’ve designed Prompts to be agile in deployment and impactful in delivery. Communicate product reviews, page views and product purchases to deliver social proofing and key information in a precise and timely fashion.

Started using Salesfire on our four accounts (websites) in June 2019, since then we've grown by over 50% year on year. With Salesfire, we've had our most successful and most profitable year as a business to date.

Gary Murray Leader Group


Talk to your customers with Messenger

Messenger by Salesfire gives visitors the option to request more information about specifics, allowing them to make an informed decision about a product and lead them to purchase.

Salesfire's platform is outstanding, their account management second-to-none. A pleasure to work with.

Sandra Leach Response Electronics

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