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Introducing, Alan Wadkins

Alan Wadkins Toolstore is a tool supply company boasting a rich legacy spanning over six decades. from market stalls to showrooms and eCommerce. As a premier tool supply company, it has earned a reputation for delivering top-tier tools and equipment tailored to the needs of tradesmen, industries and avid DIY enthusiasts alike. 


Over the years Alan Wadkins Toolstore has evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers while maintaining its commitment to quality. 

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The challenge

As the challenge of navigating privacy-first marketing emerges, Alan Wadkins Toolstore recognised the need to secure its marketing activities against future uncertainties. This required a strategic approach to secure ownership of customer data and maintain marketing effectiveness in a changing digital landscape.


Salesfire connected the dots from driving traffic to capturing first-party data, and provided invaluable guidance providing strategic recommendations and proactive measures to future-proof the company’s marketing and ad activities.


The solution

Alan Wadkins adopted Salesfire’s data capture technology to increase its newsletter subscribers without detracting from the seamless user experience on the site. With this new approach, Salesfire strategically engaged users with a visually appealing campaign and expanded on ways to interact with customers by gathering both emails and phone numbers. This increased the number of subscribers the company collected by 8.9x, as demonstrated in the graph.


Capturing more email addresses from traffic driven through ad spend allowed Alan Wadkins to expand the success of its work with Mabo and grow its retargeting list for future campaigns. By proactively capturing its own customer data and adapting to changing landscapes, the company is well-positioned to maintain marketing effectiveness and drive continued growth.

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“Being able to utilise the Salesfire system more effectively has seen our owned first-party data skyrocket. We now have a much larger audience to market to and can share this collected data with our agency, Mabo, to strengthen the effectiveness of our Paid Marketing activity.”


Martin Porter, eCommerce Manager

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