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increase in data capture


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Introducing, Discount Flooring Depot

Founded in 2012, Discount Flooring Depot had one objective; to provide the best quality flooring at the lowest prices possible, and has since become one of the leading suppliers of flooring across England and Wales.

Offering a vast range of high-quality flooring sourced directly from manufacturers, their products come at the
best value for money and boast expert customer care to support shoppers in making the right choice.

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The solution

Discount Flooring Depot wanted to capture valuable customer data without detracting from the seamless user experience on the site.  By introducing Salesfire’s technology, they were able to strategically engage users, presenting them with an unobtrusive and visually appealing campaign to encourage sign-ups and data commission.

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"Our Success Manager contacted us about promoting data capture and explained the benefits along with backed up evidence and analytics which clearly showed the benefits of this strategy. Since implementing the data capture technology, we've seen not only a strong rise in email sign-ups but mobile numbers too. This would not have been possible without Salesfire's proactive research and endeavour to deliver the best options to their customers."


Jonny Bright, Sales Manager

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