Salesfire & Happy Beds

Reducing basket abandonment and increasing conversions.


of orders influenced by Salesfire


of revenue influenced by Salesfire


increase in average order value


average conversion rate through Overlays

Introducing Happy Beds

Originally founded in 2010 in northern England, Happy Beds expanded into eCommerce with the launch of its own website in 2012. Since then, the company has remained true to its core value of ensuring that a good night's sleep doesn't have to be a pipe dream.


Happy Beds has continued to expand over the years to accommodate business and product inventory growth. By constantly learning, growing, and listening to what their customers want, they are able to showcase affordable, dreamy, and attractive pieces of furniture that bring your bedroom to life.


Happy Beds opened a discussion with Salesfire to maximise their on-site engagement, with a key focus being on reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.



The solution

After a careful review of Happy Beds’ current strategy, Salesfire Overlays were implemented to take on-site orders to the next level. Intelligent Salesfire Overlays work by prompting customers to complete an action, in this case, the luxury bed retailer was keen to reduce bounce rates and encourage visitors to convert. 


Across eCommerce, 68% of customers abandon an order before they get to the checkout so grabbing their attention before they leave the site is integral to continuing the buyer journey and improving conversion rates. 


Happy Beds wanted to reduce basket abandonment and used an exit intent triggered campaign to highlight USPs to exiting visitors to significantly increase conversion rates. This campaign resulted in a 35.38% conversion rate.


A further campaign enabled Happy Beds to promote its 4.4 star rating on Trustpilot. This USP acted as a form of social proof and helped gain the trust of its audience.


Happy Beds also use urgency-instilled campaigns across product pages to highlight real-time data from their shoppers. This includes Salesfire’s product views and product purchases campaigns that communicate the popularity of an item to encourage customers to complete their purchases quicker to avoid missing out.  


The combination of these campaigns delivered at different moments in the customer journey allowed Happy Beds to drive more conversions and boost average order value.

The results

Using a range of different campaigns, the site has tracked over 8.4 million impressions of Salesfire Overlays through exit intent triggered messaging and scarcity marketing tactics.


• 12% of revenue influenced by Salesfire

• 11% of orders influenced by Salesfire

• 7.9% increase in average order value

• 7.6% average conversion rate through Overlays

• 35.38% conversion rate on an exit intent Overlay campaign