Turn shoppers into customers with personalised Recommendations

Connect your shoppers to their ideal purchase within seconds. 


Boost sales and conversions with Salesfire’s eCommerce product recommendation engine. Want to see results fast? Integrate Recommendations in as little as one line of code.

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Make your homepage relevant

Make your homepage personalised to each visitor

Recommendations from the very first moment. The homepage is the perfect place to promote key products or new arrivals to customers before they even begin their shopping journey.

Increase AOV with relevant cross-sells and upsells

Boost order values with related product suggestions throughout the buyer's journey. Get more opportunities to link, cross-sell and upsell products.

Connect your customers to their purchases
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Personalised product suggestions powered by AI and machine learning

Salesfire analyses visitor behaviour and provides a dynamic shopping experience — via personalised product suggestions.


Machine learning profiles your customers and recommends products to maximise your average revenue per customer.


Positively influence 24% of your orders with our Recommendation units

Genuine relevance in every recommendation

You know your site better than anyone. Using intelligent slot strategies, you can control the products that will show in your Recommendation units to inspire upsells, influence cross-sells and enhance the product discovery experience.

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Highlight best selling items

Use the ‘Most Popular’ strategy on your homepage and basket page to display your most purchased items and inspire sales.


Promote your latest products

Create a buzz around your latest ranges or products using the ‘New In’ slot strategy at key points in the customer journey.


Grow your average order value

Encourage users to build bigger baskets using the ‘Bought Together’ strategy. Cross-sell products which are often purchased with the item the shopper is viewing.

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Create upsell opportunities

Ensure your shoppers get the full picture. Use the ‘Similar’ strategy on product pages to return similar products to what the shopper is viewing.


Deliver personalised moments

Direct shoppers to items they love using the ‘Personalised’ strategy. Display products which have been purchased by shoppers with similar user journeys.


Make it your own

Select one singular strategy to create a targeted campaign for your customers. Or, combine these strategies in one Recommendations unit to create a mix that’s right for your customers.

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Salesfire targets areas of the customer journey that have the greatest influence on revenue and behaviour to empower your visitors and accelerate your conversions.