Targeted messaging based on shopper behaviour

Target your shoppers with relevant messages based on user behaviour. Deploy campaigns to create urgency, build trust and boost sales from a genuinely helpful hub on your website.


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Introducing Digital Assistant

Create shopping experiences that convert

Deploy timely campaigns that guide users through the shopping journey. Encourage visitors to complete their purchase, build bigger baskets or promote your latest arrivals with relevant messaging displayed directly from the Digital Assistant drawer.

Recommendations anywhere on-site

Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities anywhere on their website. Offer personalised Recommendations from Digital Assistant without obstructing the user’s interaction with your site.

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Sell more, for free

Complete with its own campaign store, Digital Assistant has strategies designed to achieve your eCommerce goals. Choose messaging with your own customers in mind to take complete control of the most influential moments of the on-site experience.

Free-to-use campaigns

From reducing basket abandonment to driving conversion rates, these strategies have been created to target and overcome the most common challenges online stores face.

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Why choose Digital Assistant for your business?

Digital Assistant campaigns are effective and effortless to implement. Proven to drive results, Digital Assistant elevates the on-site journey to create an improved customer experience that maximises revenue.


Quick and easy integration

Start optimising your conversions today. Effortlessly add Digital Assistant to your website in minutes with one line of code.


Personalised messaging for every customer

Every customer journey looks different. Digital Assistant reacts to this by surfacing timely, relevant messaging based on user behaviour to guide them through the sales funnel.


Cohesive branding

Incorporate your own branding, including colours, imagery and your own logo to establish a seamless and recognisable journey through your website and into Digital Assistant.


In-depth performance analytics

Determine effective strategies and identify additional opportunities with detailed insights into your conversion rate through Salesfire.


Next gen personalisation

Offer on-site personalisation that is tailored to your customer’s needs, simplifying the shopping journey to turn new visitors into repeat customers.

Digital Assistant V3

Seamless and intuitive

Digital Assistant subtly supports key touchpoints for shoppers without interrupting the customer journey.

One of our eCommerce experts will show you around Digital Assistant and discuss how you can enhance your online customer experience.

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