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4 Site Search Features You Need on Your Site Right Now

By Emma Foster • Tuesday Jul 30th, 2019

Salesfire Site Search

Retailers who offer a personalised experience and innovatively develop their site for the ease of their customers increase customer loyalty and encourage engagement with their brand.

With that said, the key to a personalised experience is Site Search, a crucial part of any thriving eCommerce website. Shopping online often starts with a Google search, so why should searching for a specific item on your site be any different?

Shoppers are 2.5 times more likely to purchase through site search interactions. People don’t want to spend time trawling through the whole of your site when they could use the search terms to find accurate results in seconds.

As experts in personalisation, we’re exploring four features of eCommerce Site Search that any forward thinking retailer should be implementing on their site.

1. Voice recognition

Voice assisted shopping is projected to grow to $40 billion annually by 2022, and if you’re not optimising your site you risk missing out on crucial Google traffic. The average person can type around 40 words per minute, but can speak around 150 words per minute, which gives voice search a massive advantage when it comes to efficiency and ease of use. Give customers the option of speaking to your voice recognition software and let artificial intelligence do the work to match the customer with their perfect product.

See our Voice Search in action >

2. Image responsive

Consumers want a personalised shopping experience tailored to their fast paced lifestyle. Visual recognition search has the potential to revolutionise how people find and buy items that fit perfectly into their vision. Enabling Visual Search gives retailers an advantage over their competitors when it comes to customer experience, in fact, by 2021, early adopter brands which redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%.

See our Visual Search in action >

3. Animated placeholder text

Customers are 9% more likely to interact with a search engine if the text is animated. Moving text is more likely to draw attention, so placing this in your search bar with messages such as ‘What are you looking for?’, enhances the search experience and increases the chance of a customer proactively searching for the products they want to buy.

See our animated placeholder text in action >

4. Recent and trending searches

In the days of social media, trends are fluid and change daily. Play on this by leveraging the hottest search queries and most popular products into the forefront of the customers attention. Develop brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases by showing recent searches and create a more intimate shopping experience. 

See our Instant Search in action >

Want to learn more about optimising your site search? Take a look these four factors to consider when upgrading your on-site search functionality.

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