Press Release: Salesfire Establishes C-Suite with Key Promotions

By Salesfire • Tuesday Feb 8th, 2022

Salesfire has appointed six new directors to build its C-suite and drive the company’s expansion.

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Press Release: Salesfire Rolls Out Innovative Employee Share Ownership

By Salesfire • Monday Nov 22nd, 2021

We've granted shares to employees to reward them for their efforts in the business’ outstanding recent expansion.

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Double Award Win for Salesfire

By Salesfire • Wednesday Aug 11th, 2021

We're proud winners of company of the year and best digital project 2021.

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Travel Restrictions Revive UK Seaside Holidays

By Tank • Wednesday Jul 7th, 2021

UK seaside destinations see bookings soar as travel restrictions impact revenue for travel sites. We take a look at the data on TrendDesk.

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Salesfire Leads the Way with Visual Search Innovation

By Tank • Thursday Jul 1st, 2021

Salesfire is helping the eCommerce industry keep up with evolving consumer behaviour with Visually Similar Search.

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Key eCommerce Dates Drive Sales as Stores Reopen

By Tank • Tuesday May 25th, 2021

A month since non-essential retail reopened, eCommerce stores shift their focus to tailored discounts to sustain the demand in online shopping.

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Diving into the Data as Lockdown Eases

By Tank • Wednesday May 5th, 2021

As lockdown restrictions ease, travel sites have seen a surge in bookings and visits. We dive into the latest data for holidaymakers with TrendDesk.

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Fashion and Travel Sectors Boost Online Sales as Lockdown Announcement Drives Orders

By Tank • Friday Mar 26th, 2021

Find out what happened to online sales following the announcement of a roadmap out of lockdown. 

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Online Retailers Must Adapt to Replicate Department Store Experience

By Tank • Thursday Mar 11th, 2021

Learn why online retailers need to provide the same sense of empathy and assistance that customers would experience in-store to secure sales.

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Online Retail Sales Continue to Thrive Throughout January

By Tank • Wednesday Feb 24th, 2021

Discover what the latest TrendDesk data uncovered about online shopping habits in the first month of 2021.

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Lees Joins Salesfire as Head of Client Services

By Emma Foster • Monday Nov 30th, 2020

Former Mabo Marketing Director James Lees has joined personalisation platform Salesfire as Head of Client Services. James, 35, will expand their client services offering to drive service, delivery and support in further expansion across Europe and the US. 

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Andy Preston Launches Salesfire Partnership with One Tree Planted

By Brianna Riley • Tuesday Nov 12th, 2019

Andy Preston pairs with locally based tech company Salesfire to launch their partnership with reforestation giant One Tree Planted.

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