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A genuine question is a genuine opportunity. Never miss another one.

Messenger by Salesfire gives visitors the option to request more information about specifics, allowing them to make an informed decision about a product and lead them to purchase.

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Messenger is open for business 24/7.

You know your site better than anyone. Our sliders facilitate the weighting of recommendations based on your direct influence.

Conversation start

Messenger logs the page from which a customer is contacting you, helping you gain more insight into queries, in real-time.

Recent Pages

By presenting you with an overview of a customer’s journey so far, you can more readily point them in the right direction.

Operating System/Browser Versions

Gain an upper hand when trying to replicate technical issues or troubleshooting problem site elements.

Location Map

Pre-empt delivery questions or time zone complications with a customer location map.

Cross-Device Communication

Communicate across devices without delay. Messenger facilitates seamless cross-platform communication with zero delays.

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