5 Ways to Use Social Proof and UGC to Improve eCommerce Customer Retention

By Courtney O'Riordan • Wednesday May 18th, 2022

The importance of retaining customers is undeniable. Discover how you can improve your retention strategy with the help of social proof and user-generated content. 

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How to Use the Post-Purchase Experience to Retain Customers

By Courtney O'Riordan • Wednesday May 4th, 2022

Learn how you can enhance your post-purchase experience to establish a base of returning customers.

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How AI Drives Customer Loyalty

By Courtney O'Riordan • Tuesday Apr 26th, 2022

Discover how AI is driving the digital reinvention of customer loyalty by improving the product discovery experience on eCommerce sites. 

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Customer Experience Optimisation Tips to Boost Loyalty

By Bethany Llewellyn • Thursday Apr 21st, 2022

Discover the importance of great customer experiences to build customer loyalty and ensure business growth.

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Does AI Improve the Product Discovery Experience?

By Bethany Llewellyn • Thursday Apr 14th, 2022

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is changing the way consumers search for and discover products. Find out how AI can make the product discovery experience easier and more effective.

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In-app Shopping is Showing No Signs of Stopping

By Courtney O'Riordan • Monday Mar 28th, 2022

In-app shopping is at the forefront of the evolving mCommerce industry. Let’s take a look at what has caused the year-on-year rise of in-app shopping.

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Top Tips to Succeed in Q2

By Bethany Llewellyn • Tuesday Mar 22nd, 2022

With Q2 the blink of an eye away, we've pulled together some tips and tricks eCommerce retailers can implement to increase conversions and maximise results.

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The Benefits of mCommerce

By Bethany Llewellyn • Monday Mar 14th, 2022

Discover the benefits a fully optimised mobile experience can have for your eCommerce business.

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5 Easy Ways to Get Started with CRO

By Courtney O'Riordan • Wednesday Mar 9th, 2022

Developing a conversion rate optimisation strategy is essential for a successful eCommerce site. Let's explore how you can begin your CRO journey.

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How Has Social Media Influenced the eCommerce Product Discovery Experience? 

By Alisia Evci • Monday Feb 28th, 2022

Influencer marketing, site traffic and on site personalisation. See how your brand can stay relevant on social media.

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How AI Can Transform the Customer Journey

By Bethany Llewellyn • Wednesday Feb 23rd, 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing customer experiences for the better, helping eCommerce retailers turn new visitors into loyal customers.

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Seamless Shopping Experiences: The Secret to Increasing eCommerce Sales

By Bethany Llewellyn • Friday Feb 18th, 2022

From creating an effortless customer journey to a fully optimised site, we discuss ways eCommerce retailers can ensure they give their customers a great experience on-site.

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Use Social Proof to Increase eCommerce Conversions

By Bethany Llewellyn • Thursday Feb 10th, 2022

Let's see the importance of implementing social proof and how it can positively impact your eCommerce business.

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Drive Sales with a Personalised Product Discovery Experience

By Bethany Llewellyn • Wednesday Feb 2nd, 2022

Enhance your customers' product discovery experience by using personalisation on your eCommerce site.

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Why You Need an Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy

By Kelly Aitkin • Thursday Jan 27th, 2022

With such a wide variety of ways a customer can engage with a business, omnichannel marketing is now a leading strategy for many retailers.

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