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on user experience.
After years of extensive research in AI, personalisation and buying behaviour, we’ve poured everything we’ve learned into developing a brand new way of looking at on-site search - from that initial click through to a batch of new conversions, our suite of tools is designed to optimise each and every step.

We’ve discovered that when it comes to site search speed, every lost moment equates directly to lost revenue. By providing a virtually instant set of product results, we’ve been able to achieve an average conversion rate across our portfolio of 2.3%.
Make search easy for your visitors – remove the friction from every keystroke by returning results faster than the blink of an eye.
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You’ve poured countless hours into creating your brand - does your search look as good as it should?
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Where do you start creating a fast search that is uncompromising on user experience? Well, don’t worry. We’ve taken care of that for you.
of development work
Salesfire is essential when it comes to maximising our revenue - we're short on time and we can't afford compromise. Within a short period of time we've seen immediate results and a massive return on investment.
Daniel Richmond
Director at Tic Watches
Image Search
A picture
is worth a thousand words.
Powered by AI technology, Image Search visually analyses a picture uploaded by a customer and returns similar items or exact matches. Whether shoppers are looking for a sofa in a specific shade of blue, or a watch with a particular style of strap, searching by image streamlines the shopping experience and encourages customer loyalty.
Visually Similar
Visual similarity right at your visitors’ fingertips. The latest of eCommerce discoverability powered by Machine Learning technology can be part of your brand in just minutes.
Image Upload
Take Visual Similarity beyond your own catalogue and allow visitors to find products that match items in the real-world – straight from the camera on their phone.
Narrow down Visual Similar searches by cropping and searching by a specific part of an image. Focus on the items in the image you want to find more of.
Machine Learning
We are able to run your catalogue against our machine learning framework to understand and interpret your product range to enhance your catalogue and offer visually similar services.
Continuous Innovation
Our company is focused on pushing how far we can take technology and you will benefit from every leap we make.
Fully Automated
We carry out all the heavy work so that you don’t have to. The servers, hosting, training models, deployment and software is all managed by us.
Salesfire’s affordable solution to on site personalisation has transformed our customer experience through search, product recommendations and overlays. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to their customer success team for always supporting us on new features and strategy. Thank you very much.
Gianni Casagrande
Moda in Pelle
promotional results
Take your results
beyond products.
Maximising every opportunity to communicate with customers is crucial to driving sales and increasing revenue. Search Promotions provide an additional outlet to promote key campaigns or relevant offers and boost on-site engagement. From promoting free delivery thresholds to new arrivals, add custom units into your search results and move customers through to product, category or landing pages.
By targeting shoppers who have a strong intent to purchase, Search Promotions guide visitors through an even more controlled user journey.
Product Promotion
Quick Links
Direct to Key Pages
Custom Promotion
Salesfire's platform is outstanding, their account management second-to-none. A pleasure to work with.
Sandra Leach
Response Electronics
Salesfire software is great, Account Manager very helpful. We have no hesitation in recommending Salesfire.
Maysell Lamb
works best
when it’s invisible.
Packed with all of the technology to deliver a really great search. Your visitors may not see it, but they’ll certainly experience it.
Data enrichment
Improving the fundamental quality of the data set gives quick gains to the ranking of results. Enriching data sets with synonyms, machine learning image tagging among other attributes allows for a wider scope to broader queries.
Lexicon normalisation
Applied to both the data set and on-the-fly search queries, standardisation of word spelling variations, known as stemming, and the removal of the syntactic sugar of the language improves query scope. For example, hoodie, hoody and hoodies all become hoodi, and words such as "a" and "and" and removed.
Image tagging
Powered by our machine learning framework, we are able to analyse images and tag them with what we find in the image. This can fill in for gaps in the product catalogue's data or further emphasise the product. This is particularly useful in differentiating between main products and their accompanying accessories.
Visitor behaviour influencing
We use website visitor behaviour to influence the ranking of products. This helps push popular or trending products slightly above others when the relevancy is very similar.
Weighting flexibility
Every business has different audiences and data sets. To cater for these needs we allow weighting customisation so that you can tweak how the results are returned.
Typo tolerance
As users come to expect computers to correct their spelling along with typos made by fiddly keyboards on mobile devices, we have built in typo tolerance to resolve these mistakes. Typo tolerance is a leap ahead of spell checking where we rank depending on the distance of spelling mistakes instead of trying to correct an entire query.
High speed servers
Our search platform is run on its own custom software that is tailored to delivering results as quickly as we can. Reduced computational overhead lets us deliver results faster than the blink of an eye.
Machine Learning
As machine learning has joined the mainstream you would expect any modern software to utilise this technology. We have incorporated machine learning into our technology stack and will continue to add further technologies in the future.
Image resizing and caching
Going back to basics and not over-looking the small but important bits, we resize your product imagery to the perfect size and cache your images on a distributed CDN. This means you're sending only the pixels that are absolutely necessary as fast as possible.
It’s great working with the Salesfire team. They’re very friendly and they’re always there to help us whenever we have any questions. They consistently come up with new ideas and recommendations to improve our eCommerce performance.
Fabio Cancemi
Little Mistress
You’re just a
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Started using Salesfire on our four accounts (websites) in June 2019, since then we've grown by over 50% year on year. With Salesfire, we've had our most successful and most profitable year as a business to date.
Gary Murray
Leader Group
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