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What is Search by Salesfire?
Instant Search empowers your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Offer visitors more choice, personalised suggestions and immediate results with ease. Methodically designed to return the best results in any search scenario, our unique systems create a smooth and effortless experience, engaging and delivering customers directly into your checkout.

Instant Search

Your site search, refined.

Recent Searches

Salesfire will develop and save a personalised list of the most recently searched for products. Develop brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases through a more intimate shopping experience.

Trending Searches

In the days of social media, trends are fluid and change daily. Capitalise on this by leveraging the hottest search terms being fed to us by your customers, day to day.

Popular Searches

Populate a list of specific searches and terms that are currently resulting in sales being made on-site. Inspire purchases by displaying popular, relevant search terms to visitors.





By narrowing down categories relevant to the search terms being used, we can provide a focused list of appropriate categories.


Upon detecting keywords and their association with particular brands, Salesfire will present clear and concise choices to the customer.


Display products in real time as a customer is refining their search. Cut down the time it takes to match the right product to the right customer.

Salesfire | Site Search by Salesfire

Salesfire’s machine learning works hand in hand with our site, returning fast, effective results for our customers

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Search Term Enrichment

Product titles are invisibly enriched using contextually relevant synonyms - providing 3 times the depth and coverage of search results.

Spelling Correction

Erase the chance of a search on your site returning a 404 or an error message due to a misspelling. Machine learning will intelligently determine what a customer’s looking for.

Stop Words

Terms deemed superfluous by standard site search are almost always of detriment to the actual results. Salesfire will prioritise the detection and removal of these, on a per-search basis.


Slang and colloquialisms often provide a barrier between a customer and their purchase. By interpreting a query on the fly, Salesfire will match customers with products even when they’re unsure of the proper name or are using pluralisation.

Feature Extraction

Sometimes, when a customer is looking for a product but doesn’t know key information such as a brand or name, a search term can become tangled or overcomplicated. By using a preprocessor, the system will extract features like colour, brand, category or gender to reduce error rates and dramatically increase the quality of results.

Salesfire’s machine learning works hand in hand with our site, returning fast, effective results for our customers



Control your recommendations with intuitive weighting.

By providing an advanced search facility, we’re ensuring your customers will always be returning searches accurate to their initial query. It’s also important to ensure each interaction is valuable to you and flexible enough to support your goals.

By parsing the detailed information contained in your sites product feed, we can enable advanced features which bring the merchandising of results, back under your direct influence:



Sale Items

Stock Volumes

Salesfire | Site Search by Salesfire

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