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Make your homepage relevant to each individual visitor.

Recommendations from the very first moment. The homepage is the perfect place for promoting key products or new arrivals to customers before they even begin their shopping journey.

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Homepage

Product & Category Pages

Connect your customers to their purchases quickly and efficiently.

Connect your customers to their purchases quickly and efficiently. Offering recommendations throughout a browsing session enables you to minimise the steps between a shopper and their conversion, providing ample opportunity to link, cross-sell and upsell products.

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Product & Category Pages

Checkout & Basket Pages

Upsell products based on current basket values.

Take back control of the most important part of your sales funnel. Make personalised recommendations at a key stage of the process and encourage linked sales.

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Checkout & Basket Pages

Error Pages

Turn an error page into a new opportunity.

Retain and re-engage customers reaching an error page. The digital landscape is continuously changing, and your website will always be a work-in-progress. Don’t allow unexpected errors to affect revenue, entice a customer back into their shopping journey.

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Error Pages

Behavioural Overlays

Trigger recommended products before vistors exit.

Give every customer, every excuse to stay and shop with you. Salesfire utilises its long proven exit intent technology to provide a personalised recommendation or message, anticipating a customers attempt to leave your site and counter potential objections.

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Overlay Pages

Email Retargeting

Continue to personalise via email.

You know what they’re looking for and where they are. Refine your focus and reach out to a shopper with a series of targeted emails. Email retargeting ensures it’s never too late to re-engage with a potential customer.

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Email Pages

Personalised Products

Personalised product suggestions, powered by AI and machine learning.

Every customer is different, we understand that. Salesfire analyses habitual visitor behaviour to provide a dynamic shopping experience, through genuinely personalised product suggestions. By utilising machine learning, we'll individually profile your customers and make inspirational product recommendations to amplify your revenue and boost your conversion rate.


We have seen a significant boost in our revenue since implementing Salesfire’s Product Recommendations


Recommendation Weighting

Fine tune suggestions with configurable weightings.

You know your site better than anyone. Our sliders facilitate the weighting of recommendations based on your direct influence.

Similar Products

Return similar products, including brands

New Arrivals

Return newly added products

Product Cohorts

Return products which are often purchased together

Best Sellers

Return products which are often purchased together


Return products which are purchased by similar people

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Weightings


Bring genuine relevance to each recommendation.

In addition to product weighting, produce detailed segmentation of recommended products.

Relative or Exact Price

Recommend products within a defined price range


Recommend a specific gender, or that of the source product


Recommend products which contain higher margins

Salesfire | Product Recommendations Making it Relevant

Product Recommendations by Salesfire have massively boosted our revenue through the website since we implemented the solution.