Re-inject customers back into your sales funnel with messaging tailored to their experience.

A visitor doesn’t have to convert to a customer - invite them to become part of the family. By engaging purchasers with retargeting emails, we can inject them right back into your sales funnel and create a valuable purchase cycle.

Salesfire | Email retargeting by Salesfire


Email sequences recover lost sales, grow subscriber lists and keep customers in your ecosystem.

Using triggered emails, email sequences can alter dependent on whether a promotion has expired, a purchase has been made or if a campaign is influenced by another promotion. A dedicated reporting suite allows monitoring of the sales funnel in real time, allowing easy optimisation of follow-up sequences.

Overlay Interaction

Employ scarcity strategies to persuade customers to return and purchase from you

Sequence of re-targeting emails sent

A single, or series of emails to follow up your overlay campaigns to persuade customers to complete their purchase

Purchase notifies Salesfire to halt further emails

Welcome new email subscribers after they have signed up to the newsletter

Salesfire | Email retargeting by Salesfire