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How AI Can Transform the Customer Journey

By Bethany Llewellyn • Wednesday Feb 23rd, 2022

How AI Can Transform the Customer Journey

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing customer experiences for the better.

Research shows that 59% of organisations globally already utilise artificial intelligence and expect the number to double over the next year.

Below we discuss how AI can transform the eCommerce customer journey, starting at consumer consideration and product awareness right through to the purchase.

Artificial intelligence in eCommerce

Machine learning does all the heavy lifting when it comes to data to analyse each customer and their shopping behaviour.

Using this data, machine learning can build customer profiles, anticipate consumer browsing behaviour and even go as far as predicting which products users will respond best to.

This automation saves eCommerce marketers time and allows them to truly understand their customers and accurately inform their marketing campaigns going forward.

 Implementing AI on your site from chatbots to dynamic content takes the guesswork away from strategy creation at each step of the customer journey for both new visitors and returning customers.

Accounting for 35% of the eCommerce industry's overall revenue by upselling and cross-selling, artificial is the driving force behind online retailers.

But how is AI transforming the online space?

The visual way to shop

Visual AI has taken eCommerce by storm, completely transforming customer experiences. 

This visual way to search is commonly seen on both Instagram and Pinterest and is the key to product inspiration and discovery.

Being able to search via images enables shoppers to find products that have caught their eye without having to find the words to describe them.

Because of this, social media shopping has become increasingly popular. Already 70% of consumers use Instagram for shopping purposes due to its visual nature.

We know social media shopping works, so how can your store capitalise on it?

With products like Visually Similar Search, customers can continue to discover products the same way they do on social media.

Implementing visual AI-powered tools connects customers to their purchases faster by analysing product imagery and displaying similar items, recommended just for them. 

Once you have this in place, you can navigate users through the customer journey from the moment they land on your website with product inspiration.

Personalise using customer segmentation

Targeting the right customer, with the right message, at the right time is one of the most efficient ways to optimise your marketing campaigns and achieve a higher ROI.

Traditional customer segmentation groups your audience based on user demographic and behaviour, whether it’s age, location, time spent on site or past purchases. 

By segmenting customers you will be able to make decisions based on each group in order to maximise the value of each customer to your business.

Adding AI into the mix, machine learning can learn from previous visitors and their shopping behaviour, and implement this on your future visitors, essentially picking up where they left off.

The best part, artificial intelligence adapts through progressive learning algorithms, meaning it will adjust to each customer and their preferences to amplify customer segmentation and create more targeted campaigns.

Those last-minute upsells

We’ve all seen an ad for a product that you would never want or need, and it can be frustrating.

This feeling that the brand doesn’t understand you as a customer can be detrimental to your customer loyalty - that’s where AI comes in.

AI has done all the heavy lifting for you in terms of data gathering, so it can intelligently recommend items that your customer may be interested in, but won’t have necessarily searched for.

This inspires purchases from those straight-in-straight-out customers and can help to build your brand reputation and customer loyalty.

If a customer has a great experience every step of their shopping journey they'll likely advocate for your brand and return time and again to purchase from you.

Optimise product discovery

Product discovery is a major part of the customer journey and cannot be overlooked.

But every customer is different and therefore their customer journey will have different routes to others.

Are they new customers? Which product had the highest click rate? How long were they on-site? How many customers bounced? - it goes on.

All of these questions help eCommerce marketers to evaluate promotions and be reactive with campaigns, but machine learning can take away the guesswork.

AI can enhance the data you already have and match it with customer data, intelligently recommending products your customer would like.

Using personalised Recommendations, you can suggest products your customers won’t have thought of. This is especially effective for those window shoppers who may just be browsing your site.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the future for eCommerce businesses.

It’s not stopping here though, AI allows customers to boost conversions, increase loyalty and drive revenue in the long run.

More than ever eCommerce businesses are implementing AI on-site, relieving the guesswork and providing a truly personalised experience.

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