4 Questions to Ask About Your Brand Identity

By Josh McGregor • Last updated: Friday Apr 19th, 2024


1. Is your brand trustworthy?

You want your customers to trust you, and trust comes with being familiar with something. Imagine walking into your favourite restaurant, you know the level of service you will receive and the quality of food you expect. If you didn’t get what you expected, you’d be disappointed and may be put off going back. This is exactly what happens with your online retail store too, if customers don’t consistently get the same experience, trust can be lost and they may be swayed away from the company all together.

2. Is your brand memorable?

Brand identity is all about maintaining your level of service in all parts of your business to make yourself memorable. In terms of marketing, stick to your tone of voice. In terms of design, stick to your brand guidelines. In terms of business, deliver a consistent level of customer experience every single time, and your core brand values should be the driver for all of these.

3. Is your brand flexible?

Although having a recognisable brand keeps you consistent and familiar, it’s good to be flexible with your design. The web is always evolving, and if you’re not flexible and keep evolving too, you risk losing customers to competitors. Routinely exploring current trends allows you to decide whether they align to your brand, so you can implement relevant updates and keep evolving.

4. What is your brand essence?

Brand essence is the heart and soul of a brand and is essentially how you want to make your customers feel. First impressions mean a lot, so think about what you want a customer to think of you when they first come into contact with your company. Set a clear and understandable brand promise which your target audience will relate with and want to interact with.

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