Convert more traffic
with personalised messaging.

Triggered based on customer behaviour, Overlays deliver timed incentives and targeted messaging to reduce basket abandonment and drive sales.

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Convert window shoppers with intelligently triggered messaging.

With our range of Overlay triggers, we can work to prompt customers to complete an action. Behavioural Overlays are used to approach a customer based on their on-site behaviour with a timed incentive. They aim to either accelerate customers through the shopping process or simply navigate them to alternative sections of a site.

Take control of your customer experience and deliver visitors to your checkout.

Salesfire works to recognise key traits in those users making key decisions in their buying journey and triggers overlays to inform, educate and inspire. Through re-injecting exiting users back into the purchasing funnel, we reduce basket abandonment, minimise bounce rates and increase your overall conversion rate. Well implemented Overlays can increase website enquiries, increase AOV or grow your subscriber database.

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We calculated on average 115:1 return on investment


For every £80 spent driving traffic to a site, only £1 is spent on optimising conversion rates


of customers abandon an order before they get to the checkout


of customers leave a website without

Control exactly how a message appears.

Customise when and how your messaging displays on-site with our intelligent triggers and conditions. Set a campaign to display on exit intent to prevent basket abandonment or create a title highlight campaign to prevent competitor comparison. Segment even further using conditions to set the criteria that must be met for the campaign to display.

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Why choose Overlays for your business?

Overlays work to optimise the most influential touchpoints of the customer journey, displaying personalised messages to your customer. Make the most of your site traffic by delivering the shopping experience they expect.

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Create urgency

Create a fear of missing out by displaying countdown timers to instil urgency and encourage quicker conversions.


Reduce basket abandonment

Leveraging customer behaviour, Salesfire can detect a user attempting to exit your site, displaying your Overlay at the most intuitive points to reinject a shopper into the sales funnel.


Prevent competitor comparison

Highlighting a product title is a telltale sign that a shopper is going to compare your product with a competitor, trigger an Overlay to promote your USPs and inspire a shopper to stay.


Increase order values

Encourage shoppers to build bigger baskets and increase average order value with a dynamic Overlay that displays the amount customers need to add to their basket to qualify for free delivery.

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Grow mailing lists

Target shoppers higher up the sales funnel and build high-quality subscriber lists with email capture Overlays.


Provide an incentive

Give users a reason to shop with you. Communicate a variety of incentives such as free delivery, a newsletter sign-up discount or your 5-star reviews.

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Salesfire targets areas of the customer journey that have the greatest influence on revenue and behaviour to empower your visitors and accelerate your conversions.