Salesfire Updates: Expand Your Messaging with SMS

By Sophie Walker • Last updated: Thursday May 2nd, 2024

Maximise your marketing reach

SMS is the latest addition to Salesfire’s data-driven suite of eCommerce solutions. 

Our newest offering allows you to send targeted SMS marketing to your customers to expand the reach of your communications and empower multichannel marketing strategies for maximum impact. 

Informed by data, SMS provides highly personalised messaging to effortlessly boost engagement and nurture customer relationships.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of leveraging SMS for improved results for your business.

Re-engage at scale

Reinject users with SMS

Studies show that individuals check their phones an average of 58 times each day. 1

Based on the behaviour of modern users, there is a huge opportunity to reach shoppers via their preferred channel using SMS marketing. 

Triggering based on on-site behaviour, SMS can be utilised as an additional marketing channel to maximise the reach of each communication and target shoppers where they spend most of their time. 

The addition of an SMS channel propels your marketing messaging and boosts your brand’s ROI through greater engagement.By implementing campaigns that directly align with your shopper’s interests and preferences, you can re-engage more sales from more of your customers and re-inject them back into the buying journey.

Capture SMS subscribers at an unprecedented scale

From the very first click, Salesfire builds a comprehensive view of a user’s behaviours to feed into your SMS campaigns. Implementing our technology can help you maximise your SMS data capture strategy to grow your lists for SMS marketing

By doing this you bring a whole host of benefits to your business including: 

  • Growing your first-party data lists 
  • Expanding your marketing reach 
  • Boosting opportunities for customer re-targeting

Once you have access to this data you can segment audiences based on their on-site behaviours and send dynamic, high-performing marketing campaigns at scale. 

Intuitive SMS messaging is designed to accelerate your conversions at speed. By sending personalised communications to shoppers at varying stages of the buying funnel you can capture user attention and drive action.

Seamless SMS marketing

Create a multichannel strategy in a few clicks

With SMS, campaign creation is easier than ever. 

Working seamlessly alongside Salesfire’s Email Sequences, SMS messaging facilitates a comprehensive, multichannel strategy for your brand.

With easy integration, SMS offers a user-friendly interface and campaign store, meaning you can set up effective SMS and email flows in a few simple steps. SMS works effortlessly with your existing marketing channels to grow your sales at scale.

Choose your SMS strategy

Deploy SMS marketing that stands out in your shopper’s inbox. You can choose from a range of strategies that recover sales and re-engage users. 

These campaigns include:

  • Search & Browse Abandonment: Recover sales that might otherwise have been lost. Use SMS to remind shoppers of the products they loved when they were browsing, encouraging them to return to purchase. 
  • Abandoned Orders: Re-engage users who have abandoned their baskets, sending SMS marketing as an extra reminder for your shopper to complete their purchase. 
  • Re-engagement: Reach the shoppers who haven’t interacted with your brand for a while, targeting them with an incentive to encourage them to return to your site. 

With SMS you can craft a strategy that delivers impactful communications and marketing campaigns. 

If you’re looking to maximise the reach of your marketing messaging to improve your conversions, SMS is the perfect tool for your brand.

1  Time Spent Using Smartphone – Exploding Topics

To learn more about how SMS can re-engage your shoppers and drive conversions, reach out to the team at [email protected]  or book a free demo.