Salesfire Updates: Digital Assistant

By Bethany Llewellyn • Last updated: Friday Sep 8th, 2023

Digital Assistant

Explore Salesfire’s latest product offering – Digital Assistant.

We’ve created an innovative and intuitive eCommerce solution that transforms user journeys from the moment they land on your website.

Digital Assistant allows you to deploy a range of personalised campaigns on-site to support your customers through the buying process and maximise your sales.

Below, we’ve highlighted the benefits of utilising Digital Assistant for both you and your customers.

Let’s dive in.

Benefits for your customers

1. Support modern customers

The eCommerce environment is ever-evolving. Modern shoppers expect a quick, seamless, and personalised experience online, all while ensuring they’re getting the best deal.

This is where Digital Assistant comes in.

The solution closely emulates the traditional in-store experience by providing unobtrusive messaging from a helpful and innovative hub on your website.

Timing is everything. Showcasing timely messages at key touchpoints in the user journey means you’re able to drive product discovery for new visitors, and hyper-personalise suggestions for returning customers.

This means your shoppers can enjoy the same level of attentive support as they would in-store, ensuring they find what they’re looking for.

2. Provide seamless and intuitive experiences

Interrupting the customer’s buying journey can be counterproductive – unless you do it correctly.

Showcasing unobtrusive, personalised messaging at key moments in the user journey can create urgency, build trust and instil confidence in your customers to guide them to complete a purchase.

With the choice to display campaigns as a Small Message, a Large Message, or a traditional Overlay, you can fine-tune the experience your customers will receive to ensure you’re supporting their buying journey.

With the ability to store campaigns in the Digital Assistant drawer, shoppers can revisit and pick up right where they left off, ensuring continuity and enhancing the overall experience.

3. Personalisation at every turn

Nowadays, personalisation isn’t a luxury – it’s an expectation.

And with an abundance of customer data at the fingertips of eCommerce marketers, the opportunities for providing a tailored experience for shoppers are endless.

Our Digital Assistant tool uses this customer data to create an experience that’s unique to each shopper, from showing campaigns that resonate with their preferences to guiding them towards their ideal purchase.
Ensuring each touchpoint is tailored, engaging and effective will encourage your customers to spend more time exploring your product suite and encourage them to add more items to their baskets.

Benefits for online retailers

1. Simplified campaign creation

In the saturated eCommerce market, time is of the essence, and creating an effective CRO strategy can seem daunting and time-consuming. But it doesn’t need to be.

Digital Assistant’s user-friendly dashboard ensures that even those new to the world of CRO can create effective campaigns without a steep learning curve.

Primed with ready-to-use strategies, retailers can create and launch a campaign on-site in just a few simple steps. The pre-set triggers, conditions and messaging were created by our team of eCommerce specialists to help you maximise sales on your site.

To ensure Digital Assistant seamlessly incorporates into your branding, you can include your own colours, logo, and imagery to establish a recognisable journey throughout your website.

This offers you a streamlined process that saves invaluable time and effort.

2. A range of strategies

Digital Assistant offers a variety of strategies to help retailers solve a range of problems that eCommerce retailers face.

Whether you’re looking to create urgency, reduce basket abandonment, grow your mailing list or boost shopper confidence – Digital Assistant has a campaign for you.

Perhaps you want to showcase your latest arrivals or remind customers of your free delivery options, by deploying timely messages to your customers you will guide them through the customer journey and encourage more conversions.

3. Freemium campaigns

At its core, we created Digital Assistant to remove friction for both retailers and their customers to help increase conversions on-site.

We offer a range of free Digital Assistant campaigns to all users, meaning you can start increasing conversions today. Including:

  • Reserve Stock Countdown
  • Recently Viewed
  • Free Delivery Countdown
  • Product Views and Purchases

With no financial commitment, you can experiment with various strategies to learn what best suits your specific audience and niche, then optimise accordingly.

In time, you can see your business reduce basket abandonment and drive conversion rates from these strategies that have been created to overcome the challenges online stores face.

Best of all? You can effortlessly add Digital Assistant to your website with one line of code. It’s a win-win.

There’s no need to wait. You can create your free dashboard and get started with Digital Assistant within minutes. No strings attached, no credit card is required.