Drive Sales with a Personalised Product Discovery Experience

By Bethany Llewellyn • Last updated: Monday Apr 29th, 2024

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When a customer visits your store they may not have a specific product in mind.

Oftentimes, customers may just be browsing what you have to offer.

Some may spend hours deliberating and others may purchase on the spot, but how did they find the product in the first place?

The product discovery phase has changed in eCommerce as consumers expect a personalised experience.

We discuss ways you can use personalisation to enhance the product discovery phase for your eCommerce store.

What is product discovery and why does it matter?

Product discovery is all about making it easy for users to browse your products, find what they’re looking for and make that all-important purchase.

It’s crucial in eCommerce to understand your customers’ purchase intentions to provide products that align with their wants and needs.

While there is often product filter options by size, colour or material, this can leave your customers overwhelmed with the number of products left to navigate.

When the customer is left with too much choice, it can confuse the decision-making process and potentially cause them to leave your site.

This is why it’s important when thinking of the product discovery process for your eCommerce business to have a clear picture of your ideal user in mind.

Because of this, personalisation can be a key factor to enhancing your customers’ product discovery experience, showing them relevant items they actually want to see.

The right product at the right time

When a customer lands on your site they may not be ready to complete a purchase.

Why not use personalisation in the product discovery phase to give them a boost?

Showing the right products, at the right time, to the right people is the key to a seamless shopping experience and driving conversions.

Nowadays, eCommerce product discovery has become much more advanced when it comes to providing a tailored experience thanks to AI-powered personalisation tools such as Recommendations.

These personalisation tools use data from previous purchase behaviours to suggest products that are relevant to each customer.

From here you can target specific visitors such as your returning customers.

Loyal customers are more likely to repeatedly engage with your brand and be interested in similar offers or products they recently purchased.

Personalising complimentary offers to customers based on their status or site engagement rate, you’re bound to drive sales, boost conversion rates and increase customer loyalty.

It’s not only existing customers you can personalise the product discovery experience for.

Using data from shoppers with similar onsite behaviours, you can recommend products new visitors are likely to be interested in and kick start their journey to their ideal purchase.

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Enable shoppers to find what they want, how they want to

No two customers are the same and this will be reflected in how they browse your website.

One thing to take into consideration is your on-site search, as customers who know what they want will often head straight there.

Just because they have an idea in mind, doesn’t mean there’s no room to personalise their product discovery journey.

From the moment a shopper begins typing you have the opportunity to suggest products that align with their preferences, often encouraging a purchase.

These personal preferences are not all about the products though, but also how shoppers prefer to search.

For those customers who struggle to describe what they’re looking for you can offer Visually Similar Search where they can upload an image to compare.


By now, you’ll have a better understanding of the impact personalisation can have when it comes to your customer’s product discovery experience.

Artificial intelligence solutions are changing the way we find and discover products in eCommerce.

Without a doubt, AI-powered tools will continue to play an increasing role in the future in how retailers suggest products to customers and how shoppers find their perfect purchase.

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