Online Retail Trends for 2019

By Emma Foster • Last updated: Thursday Apr 25th, 2024

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With 2019 in full swing, we’re here to offer some insight into what to expect in eCommerce for the year ahead. eCommerce sales made up 11.9% of global retail sales in 2018 and that number is predicted to raise to 17.5% by 2021, which poses the opportunity for retailers to get on top of the trends that are set to influence the way people shop online.

The next few years will see important developments that companies should consider regarding their omnichannel strategy, affecting online and in-store experiences. We’ve put together a list of what to look out for in 2019.

Personalised shopping experiences

Today’s consumer has an expectation of a personalised shopping experience online, they want to be treated as individuals and not feel spammed. It has been found that 43% of consumers prefer companies that personalise their experience. Recommended products are proven to have a direct influence on CTR and revenue if used correctly on site. The best eCommerce sites deeply integrate their personalisation into user experience, offering a tailored journey for individuals browsing the site, making them more likely to purchase.


Online retail is evolving and customers are looking for more engaging and convenient ways to shop, and Augmented Reality is something that can launch customers into another world of shopping, using something as simple as a smartphone app. Insights from Google show 34% of users say they would use AR while shopping, and with features such as allowing customers to try before they buy, it’s understandable that AR will be monumentally beneficial for retailers. AR adds a digital layer to the physical world, allowing customers to visualise the product in their home, with intention of forming an emotional connection with the product and, ultimately, purchasing.

Environmental and Ethical Shopping

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental and ethical impact their purchases have. Concerns such as excessive plastic packaging, how and where was the product made and whether the brand is conscious of looking after the planet, are on the minds of modern customers. Savvy companies are getting ahead and promoting their use of recyclable packaging and appealing to consumers values. People want to buy things they can feel good about, which means they are more likely to make a purchase which feels guilt free.

Buy Now, Pay Later

With companies such as Klarna and FuturePay offering a buy now, pay later service, retailers are in a great position to enhance their checkout process in a very simple way. A portion of online shoppers are reluctant to purchase as they are unsure and don’t want to wait for the refund. A solution whereby a customer can do a mass order without the money coming out of their bank is a win win, they can receive their order and only pay for what they keep within the allotted time period. For a retailer, the potential benefits are huge, the average online store sees 30% increase in orders with buy now, pay later.

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