Salesfire Updates: Improving the Product Discovery Process

By Laura Taylor • Last updated: Wednesday Feb 1st, 2023

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Throughout May we’ve been working on improving the product discovery process for your visitors.

Product discovery is all about making it easy for users to browse your products, find what they’re looking for and make that all-important purchase.

Site Search is essential to this process, so this month we’ve focused on optimising search results to improve accuracy and increase product exposure to help your customers find their ideal purchase as quickly as possible.

Read on to find out about the improvements we’ve made in Site Search so you can convert more of your website traffic.

Manually add product keywords

The accuracy of search results relies on the quality of naming conventions in the product feed.

Dealing with product feeds can be tedious. They’re not always populated with the information that you need to make your search as good as it can be.

This is where Product Keywords can help.

You can now manually add keywords against a product within the catalogue to teach our algorithm about terms that are relevant to this product but are absent from the feed.

Custom synonyms

A further way you can improve your product feed is with our new custom synonyms features.

You know your customers better than anyone – so you also know the terms they’re likely to be using when searching for your products.

Make sure the right products are showing for each search query by inputting your own synonyms for search terms and weighting them higher than other generic synonyms.

This creates a more flexible and responsive search experience and ensures your customers always find what they’re looking for.

Bestsellers algorithm overhaul

We’ve also taken a new approach to inspiring searches.

When users first open Site Search, they are usually met with your bestsellers.

To make these suggestions even more relevant, we’ve given the algorithm an under-the-hood revamp to make the products shown more responsive to customer trends and data.

This change helps us continue our mission to deliver better search results and an improved experience for your visitors.

Change sale colour in Search

How you present your Search results matters just as much as the products themselves.

A small but frequently requested enhancement, our Search gets further customisation with the ability to change the colour of the sale price against each product.

You can make the sale price more prominent and in-keeping with your website with this feature, drawing attention to the discounted prince and encouraging impulsive purchases.

Toggle size filter in Search

Since Search is all about finding and discovering, we’ve now made it easier for visitors to narrow down their search results with the new Sizing filter.

Advanced filtering options shorten the time it takes for customers to find what they’re looking for, meaning they will remain engaged and more likely to complete a purchase.

This feature is added automatically if your product feed supplies sizing information and you can show and hide this filter within Search customisation.

To find out how Salesfire can help you optimise your eCommerce site, email one of our experts at [email protected] or book a free demo of our personalisation tools.