[INFOGRAPHIC] Cart Abandonment Emails: Why Your Fashion Business Needs Them

By Sophie Walker • Last updated: Thursday May 30th, 2024

Revenue Recovery - fashion eCommerce

In an online fashion environment where shoppers are faced with so many options, it’s become commonplace for users to build a cart of products they love, only to abandon them at the last minute. 

Whilst the reasons your shopper may leave their cart behind or abandon your site vary, one crucial part of recovering this lost revenue lies in re-engaging the customers you’ve lost, reminding them of your products, and using urgency to re-inject them back into the buying experience. 

It’s now essential for modern fashion retailers to look into the marketing best practices and retargeting campaigns that can effectively re-engage these abandoning shoppers. One of the most effective ways to target these shoppers is to make use of basket abandonment emails. 

These re-engagement campaigns can generate all-important revenue for fashion retailers and re-inject inactive or abandoning customers back into the buying process.

We’ve looked into the data from across the Salesfire network focusing on brands that utilise behavioural targeting and cart abandonment emails as part of their re-engagement strategy.

An analysis of re-engagement emails

Data shows that 11.9% of customers who click a link in an abandoned order email go on to make a purchase, demonstrating that these timely reminders are highly effective in encouraging your shopper back to the site to engage with the basket they’ve built. 

As well as working to recover abandoned revenue, a comprehensive approach to email retargeting can also help to drive order values, which are on average 18.8% higher from abandoned order emails,  as they provide further cross-selling and upselling opportunities and offer more products your shopper may be interested in.

Ensuring you’ve crafted the most compelling content with your email sequences and subject lines plays a huge part in the overall success of your re-engagement tactics. Including questions and a monetary discount within the subject line has been found to improve the open rate of your email sends.

Retailers also need to consider the email best practices that increase the chance of customers engaging with content. Research has found that the inclusion of products in emails plays a crucial role in driving sales from basket abandonment emails, with users being on average nearly 4x more likely to go on to complete a purchase if product recommendations are displayed in an email.

Retargeting emails to recover revenue

Our analysis proves how your re-engagement email marketing campaigns can play a crucial role in your eCommerce strategy, and in recovering lost revenue. 

It’s a tactic that can contribute towards increased customer retention by bringing shoppers back to your site even if they are unengaged. Reminding them of your brand offering and showcasing products you think they’ll love allows them to continue their shopping journey.

Modern retailers need to refine cart recovery strategies to maximise each revenue opportunity, using intelligent, data-driven re-engagement emails to get ahead of the curve.

Abandoned cart emails

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