Salesfire Optimised for Multi-Storefront with BigCommerce

By Michelle Cartwright • Last updated: Thursday Oct 19th, 2023

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Salesfire continues to strengthen partnerships throughout the eCommerce industry, and we’re pleased to announce that the complete Salesfire solution is now fully optimised for Multi-Storefront with BigCommerce.

The Salesfire team has been working closely with BigCommerce to show our full support for launching Multi-Storefront (MSF). As a trusted BigCommerce partner and a firm believer in what this project means for eCommerce retailers, we are excited to be a part of this release. 

Technology Partner Manager from BigCommerce, Olivia Haritou explained ‘Working with the Salesfire team has been a delight. As soon as the new requirements were out for Multi-Storefront, the team were so quick to make the changes, showing their commitment to giving BigCommerce customers the best in class customer experiences. Now that Salesfire is Multi-Storefront optimised, this means our clients can have better search, conversion and product discovery across multiple storefronts for different audiences.’ 

Here at Salesfire, we don’t do things by halves. That’s why we wanted to be more than just certified when developing the multi-store integration. A top-tier BigCommerce integration means the Salesfire solution is functional and compatible with MSF. Whilst boasting a solution designed to optimise and enhance how your operation works. 

Tim Mawson, Head of Partnerships at Salesfire commented, “Working with the BigCommerce team has been a massive success so far. We are keen to cement our partnership by making our MSF integration best-of-breed. This new integration will enable merchants to deploy Salesfire seamlessly across all of their storefronts with minimal effort and maximum reward.”

For Salesfire, it’s vital that end-users are at the forefront to help retailers effortlessly grow into new markets – across new regions and customer segments. Giving you the ability to launch unique brands. When all your sites are managed from one central dashboard it makes it possible to scale faster and smarter. Here’s an overview of how MSF can help you grow.

MSF from BigCommerce is a leap into the future. A way to control multiple sites across brands or locations from one single dashboard. Here’s an overview of some of the things MSF can help you with.

Ditch duplication

By using MSF, you can say goodbye to duplicate systems running for all your sites. Ditching this and replacing your outdated system with a centralised system allows you to add new products to all sites using the same inventory. You can even update the pricing using the same catalogue, using the full scope of stock for both B2B and B2C eCommerce sites. 

If you are an eCommerce retailer in the B2C space, with MSF, you can roll out a B2B operation effortlessly. There is also functionality to roll out sites in other countries using the same inventory.

Multi-brand management

With a multi-store, you can streamline the way you manage multiple brands and eliminate the struggle of managing stock from each storefront through the power of one dashboard. Opening possibilities to penetrate new markets. Your brand, multiplied.

Reduce costs

Above all, MSF increases efficiency while reducing operational costs and complexities. Having a central view of all your online stores gives you the flexibility to work on all stores simultaneously, thus reducing operational costs and unnecessary complexities. Following the reduction in systems and integrations necessary, you’ll also notice a decrease in ongoing maintenance. 

You’ll still be able to create the same personalised experiences for each customer across brands, markets, and regions, without creating additional work. 

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If you’re ready to build an unbeatable experience for your customers and Multi-Storefront is in your sights, Salesfire can be part of your replatform. Extend the possibilities and broaden your reach – contact us on 020 4505 9040 or email [email protected] to learn more about Salesfire and BigCommerce.