Salesfire & Blueberries

Implementing exit intent behavioural Overlays into Blueberries' marketing strategy


of interactions with Salesfire campaigns resulted in a sale


were influenced by Salesfire to re-enter the sales pipeline


Return on Investment


of orders were influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, Blueberries

Blueberries has evolved over 30 years, bringing exclusive designer clothing, accessories and footwear brands to the people of Blackpool. For the last 10 years, their website has catered for people all over the globe, including the UK, Europe, Northern America and many other international destinations. Blueberries are dedicated to delivering a unique customer shopping experience, both in-store and online.

Blueberries and Salesfire Overlays

The Solution

Blueberries implemented Salesfire technology to make the most of their website traffic and improve conversion rates through the site. Blueberries aim was to grow their revenue and enhance the customer journey on their site by using Overlays to appear at different stages, with different triggers. We came up with an Overlay strategy to keep visitors engaged and incentivise them in the direction of purchasing. Salesfire Overlays allow Blueberries to communicate with customers throughout their journey on the site, giving them useful information and guiding them towards the basket and checkout. By utilising exit intent, along with other recommended Overlays, Blueberries were able to generate conversions from customers who were about to leave and also gather email data to enhance their email marketing.

Blueberries and Salesfire Overlays

Implemented Strategy

The Overlays we implemented on the Blueberries website make use of our exit intent trigger by offering a discount as a customer is about to leave, as a way of getting a customer to complete their purchase and ultimately, increase overall conversions. Blueberries wanted to get the most out of the Salesfire system and promote all channels of their marketing strategy, so we also added a newsletter sign-up Overlay to encourage people to enter their data and a social following Overlay to increase their communication on other platforms. Blueberries saw results soon after adding our Overlays to their site and have received a strong ROI from using Salesfire.

“Salesfire’s Overlays have given us an opportunity to convert customers who would have otherwise strayed from our website to continue to make a successful purchase. We have increased our revenue and have seen a fantastic return on investment for the product and service we receive”