Salesfire & Only Home

Strategising perfectly timed Overlays for an impressive uplift in conversions


of interactions with Salesfire campaigns resulted in a sale


were influenced by Salesfire to re-enter the sales pipeline


Return on Investment


of orders are influenced by Salesfire

Introducing, Only Home is an easy to use, intuitive and curated way to discover everything you need to make every space perfect in your home. Only Home is a furniture retailer that supply amazing products to suit every possible style and taste, from contemporary and modern furniture to more traditional cosy styles and blends of both.

Only Home worked with Salesfire to come up with a strategy to make the most of the traffic visiting their website, enhance their customer journey and improve their conversion rates by enticing more customers towards completing the checkout process. Not only did this improve conversions and sales but drove an increase in the average order value.

Only Home and Salesfire Overlays

The Solution

The Overlays we have implemented with allow their website to have a conversation with the customer throughout their time on the website and guide them in the right direction, continually re-engaging and leading them to complete a meaningful journey. Utilising the exit intent technology, they were able to catch customers leaving the site and also influence them to continue to complete the checkout process.

Only Home and Salesfire Overlays

Implemented Strategy

We implemented a number of Overlay strategies on to drive engagement. The first is exit intent at the basket and check out, which captures the customers abandoning their shopping basket with an incentive to re-engage and give them a reason to continue to complete their purchase. We also utilised Overlays to encourage customers to sign up to the newsletter and increase their database for email marketing. We also implemented an Overlay post-checkout to lead customers to like/follow on their social platforms, increasing their social audience.

"Our return on investment from Salesfire speaks for itself. A simple marketing tool with an impressive outcome and conversion rate, steering our customers to complete checkout."