Adding Salesfire to your Shopify store
Typically takes 3 minutes
Watch our video guide
  • From your Salesfire Dashboard, go to Preferences > Overview and then copy your installation code.
<script async src="[YOUR SITE ID].js"></script>
  • You can get your Site ID from within the Salesfire Dashboard under Preferences.
  • In your Shopify site admin, go to Online Store > Themes and click Customise next to your theme.
  • Click on the Theme actions drop-down menu. From here, select Edit Code.
  • Under Layout, click on {/} theme.liquid.
  • Paste the previously copied Salesfire Installation code just before the </head> tag. Click the Save button.
  • Next, select Settings at the bottom left of the page, and then Checkout.
  • Scroll down the page to Order Processing. In the following text field, copy your Salesfire installation code. Click the Save button to complete integration.

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