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Learn how Excell Sports worked with Salesfire to influence 20% more customers into the sales pipeline

Introducing, Excell Sports

Introducing, Excell Sports

Excell Sports is a Scotland based sporting retailer, selling apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment from the world’s leading sports brands including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more. The company pride themselves in offering a wide selection of clothing, footwear and equipment for the fitness and leisure sectors.

With the company’s online presence going from strength to strength, we worked with Excell Sports to improve their on-site conversion rate, through engaging strategies and behavioural techniques.

Implementing Salesfire

Implementing Salesfire

Excell Sports worked with Salesfire to compose a strategy to influence customer behaviour and encourage more conversions. They saw huge potential in the customers who were abandoning their site at pinnacle points in the buying journey and set a goal to deter these customers from leaving.

Salesfire implemented exit intent behavioural overlays to reduce basket abandonment rates on Excell Sports’ website, displaying relevant information, which entices customers to think twice about leaving and continue through the purchasing funnel. Salesfire influenced 20% more customers into the sales pipeline.

Influencing buying behaviour

Influencing buying behaviour

Excell Sports utilised exit intent technology to boost their average order value, promoting free delivery over £65 when a user increased their basket value. This is used to generate a ‘why not’ attitude as customers browse, highlighting the free delivery threshold and encouraging them to add more to their basket. With this, Salesfire increased overall sales on Excell Sports site by 19.4%.

The Salesfire strategy for Excell Sports was well received by their customers, and influenced 26.9% of orders since adding the technology to their site.

"Salesfire offers an all round solution to increasing our conversion rates. Each product adds another dimension to our customer’s shopping experience, ultimately making them more likely to purchase."

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Excell Sports increased their website’s conversion rate with Salesfire