Salesfire | Salesfire Expands to Larger Premises
Date: 23/01/2019

Salesfire Expands to Larger Premises

Salesfire started their move to 16-26 Albert North this week, to accommodate their rapid growth. With the team growing from 7 to 19 staff in 2018, Salesfire saw the need for a bigger premises and signed the lease on the second floor of 16-26 Albert Road late last year.

The company have outgrown their 1200 sq ft office in Boho Six, so have expanded into the 5000 sq ft second floor of 16-26 Albert Road. In the past year, Salesfire have grown their client base by 175%, bringing onboard clients such as Hype, Ringtons Tea, Cult Furniture and Lifestyle Fitness. The company boast a 99.4% client retention rate, which reflects the success of their product and quality of their customer service.

With the development and release of new digital marketing products, Salesfire have been able to appeal to a wider range of retail companies, as well as continuing to grow and develop their portfolio further in 2019, soon to be adding further developments to their product scope.

“With our ongoing growth, we needed a bigger space that offered the flexibility to expand further. The new office was the perfect solution for Salesfire, it gives us a great space to make our own and integrate with the other digital companies in the building, which will be great for business,” said Rich Himsworth, CEO of Salesfire.

Albert North, managed by Jomast and Middlesbrough Council, is Middlesbrough’s vibrant new business community in the historic quarter of the town, bringing passionate and ambitious people together in a hub of offices, living space and food outlets. The revitalisation of this area has been designed to work hand in hand with the growing digital and creative industry that belongs to Middlesbrough.

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Emma Foster Marketing Manager