Travel Restrictions Revive UK Seaside Holidays

By Tank • Wednesday Jul 7th, 2021

UK seaside destinations see bookings soar as travel restrictions impact revenue for travel sites. We take a look at the data on TrendDesk.

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Salesfire Leads the Way with Visual Search Innovation

By Tank • Thursday Jul 1st, 2021

Salesfire is helping the eCommerce industry keep up with evolving consumer behaviour with Visually Similar Search.

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A Deep Dive into Q2 with TrendDesk

By Harriet Stout • Tuesday Jun 29th, 2021

We take a look back at Q2 TrendDesk data and what it could mean for the future of eCommerce.

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5 Top Tips for Q3

By Emily Corner • Tuesday Jun 22nd, 2021

5 top tips which will help you take advantage of Q3 in the eCommerce world in 2021.

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Product Discovery for the Impulsive Shopper

By Chester Ollivier • Monday Jun 14th, 2021

With so much to gain from impulsive shoppers, see how you can utilise product discovery to attract them.

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5 Ways eCommerce Sites Can Build Customer Loyalty

By Chester Ollivier • Monday Jun 7th, 2021

Find out how you can build customer loyalty on an eCommerce site in 5 easy steps.

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Salesfire Updates: Improving the Product Discovery Process

By Laura Taylor • Tuesday Jun 1st, 2021

We’re improving your product discovery process to help you convert more visitors into customers.

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Key eCommerce Dates Drive Sales as Stores Reopen

By Tank • Tuesday May 25th, 2021

A month since non-essential retail reopened, eCommerce stores shift their focus to tailored discounts to sustain the demand in online shopping.

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How to Increase Search Bar Interactions

By Chester Ollivier • Tuesday May 18th, 2021

With so much to gain from a search box interaction, how can you draw people towards the search bar in the first place?

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Basket Abandonment Emails

By Kelly Aitkin • Thursday May 13th, 2021

Basket abandonment emails can re-engage potential customers to encourage sales and potential upsells. Find out how to get the most out of your strategy.

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Diving into the Data as Lockdown Eases

By Tank • Wednesday May 5th, 2021

As lockdown restrictions ease, travel sites have seen a surge in bookings and visits. We dive into the latest data for holidaymakers with TrendDesk.

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What are Gen Z’s Biggest eCommerce Personalisation Needs?

By Kelly Aitkin • Tuesday May 4th, 2021

With over 40% of Gen Zers currently purchasing more than half of their clothing online, how can you personalise your eCommerce business for Gen Z?

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April 2021 Product Updates

By Laura Taylor • Friday Apr 30th, 2021

Say hello to the new Salesfire Dashboard.

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Creating Personalised Customer Journeys with Prompts

By Chester Ollivier • Thursday Apr 29th, 2021

Find out how Prompts can help you to create personalised customer journeys.

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How the Reopening of Non-Essential Retail has Impacted eCommerce [Infographic]

By Kelly Aitkin • Monday Apr 19th, 2021

We take a look at the re-opening of non-essential retail using data from TrendDesk.

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