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Black Friday 2019: 5 quick fixes for your conversion rate

By Josh McGregor • Friday Nov 1st, 2019

5 quick fixes for your conversion rate on Black Friday

Every good eCommerce manager knows the benefits of a regular audit of their website's user journey.

Forget what you think you know. Things start to get a bit more tricky when we start to look at time-restricted promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

According to Barilliance Insights, the global average conversion rate on Black Friday 2018 was 4% - 2% higher than average.

Below, we've outlined five key takeaways from our analysis of the most common quick wins we've found to have an impact for our clients over the last few years. Although we're aiming this squarely at the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, each of these points outlines important considerations year-round.

How are customers going to be engaging with your site?

What does your current user journey look like? Does a customer enter your conversion funnel via a specific Black Friday pay-per-click ad or via an affiliate link? Perhaps think about putting together a dedicated landing page.

It’s a limited sales period - is your site search bringing back results quick enough? It might be time to start looking at a more advanced system specifically focused on providing quicker, smarter results.

Make sure your promotions are front and centre.

So you’ve set up your promotional codes, your PPC ads are primed and your stock’s ready to go. It might be obvious in hindsight, but maybe not so surprising, when preparing for such an undertaking can be such a mammoth task in itself.

Clear and concise banner ads with your promotions front and centre are key, but won’t cut it when displayed on your homepage alone - this messaging needs to carry through your entire user journey and remain as relevant to that particular user as your current setup allows.

There’s a lot of noise during this period - think about pulse messaging, banners, pop-ups, product level imagery and anything else you can use to leverage your promotion and keep it on a visitors radar.

… but don’t neglect your USPs either.

Your USPs are the essence of your business, your brand and, in-hand with your product offering, what makes your business special.

Once your promotions are up and running, it’s easy to let a headline promotion overshadow your individuality. In a period when competition is fierce and your margins are at their tightest, anything that’s going to differentiate your offering from the next is going to play a crucial role in your success - Black Friday and beyond.

Sometimes your usual USPs might not be compatible with deep, time-limited discounts - but that doesn’t have to be a concession and can feed directly into a personalised, relevant email follow up sequence, especially after a timely spike in traffic...

Make the most of traffic spikes with on-point email follow up sequences.

Of course, at this point in time, our main focus and reason for all efforts to this point are direct conversions. It’s a big investment of both time and money, and immediacy of a sale is of the utmost concern.

That said, a conversion rate of 100% isn’t a realistic goal either. Traffic which doesn’t hit like you want it to isn’t exactly a miss either - if you’re re-targeting it correctly.

By utilising follow-up email sequences properly, the surge in traffic you’re pulling through from a one-off event can re-inject visitors back into your conversion funnel. By collecting email addresses at this point, we’re able to build your mailing lists and effectively use segments to ensure your follow-ups are relevant, full of up-to-date information and ultimately, of value to new and returning customers.

Prep your customer support channels. Only clear and structured is going to cut it.

Try and have somebody looking after chat and email channels during the period. If it’s not possible, ensure you have FAQs and other information onsite.

If you have anything specific that might affect service during the period - such as opening hours, delivery dates etc - consider updating your on-site information to reflect this or at the very least, update your social channels with the relevant information. Make self serve the ultimate answer to every question.

Offer support across as many channels as possible - live chat is a great way to ensure you’re clearing up those pesky issues and miscommunications that lead to lost sales in an instant.

If you've found any of this helpful and would like a free run-through of other quick wins to grow your conversion rate and other customer engagement techniques, click the button below and quote 'FREE DEMO' in the contact form.

Alternatively, contact our outreach team on 01642 433 044 or email [email protected] for more information.

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